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I love the fit of Corbin trousers, there was an outlet in Chattanooga about 2 hours away, but someone told me it had closed, anyone know of another, or if it is still open?
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I haven't come across a physical location, but Sierra often has Corbin items for sale.
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There is a Corbin outlet in Barboursville, WV. Also check for Huntington.
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Only place I've seen Corbin is Sierra Trading Post, but they seem to be low on stock right now.
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Thanks guys, I will check those places out.
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How is the quality of Corbin nowadays? I used to love their trousers. Some are being made in Mexico now, no?
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My understanding is Corbin has changed as I believe they had to re-organize to stay in business. I do like my old Corbin pants but my flannels do wear and flatten at the upper thigh, probably a problem with most flannels. I have begun wearing Majer over the last 2 years, special ordered for me at the shop I requent as they manufacture a short rise pant...these do need a certain amount of tailoring that the shop provides as part of their service, but at $150 + a pair I believe they should include tailoring. I have so far been please with the wear of these, please enough to have purchased about 8 or more pair of flannels and the same in gaberdine. I was never as happy with the fit of Corbin.
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