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belstaff leather jackets

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in the current forbes magazine FYI supplement for subscribers, they show a picture of a really cool leather jacket made the company that supplied the Royal Air Force int he 1930 and 1940s. the website is 1) i can't get into the site even after i load the flash plug-in. i haven't loaded a plug in in forever -- what am i forgetting to do? 2) anyone familiar with belstaff jackets?
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Site is broken. Try here: Never heard of them myself. Still lusting after that damn Vanson. I visited it again a couple weeks ago. Why don't I just buy it, you ask? No idea. I mean, it is $500, so that's a good reason, but god, it's so beautiful, and it will last forever.... amortized, it's way cheaper than most stuff I own. Yeah, that's it. Would I be a poseur if I bought a motorcycle jacket before buying the bike?
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Okay, wow, they have some really cool looking stuff. Check out the 'Che' jacket in waxed cotton and their selection of bags (messenger etc.), along with the 'Race' replica jacket. There are also some faithful replicas of some really bad cheesy 70s motorcycle inspired jackets. Gotta admire that.
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Don't the fighter blouson and especially the explorer jacket remind you of something you'd see Roger Moore wearing as James Bond?
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thanks, j, for the link. a really flakey site but the clothes look great. only store i know of in the US that carries thier clothes is camouflage in NYC. i almost got killed on a motorcycle when i was in HS. since then i stopped riding. but i still love leather jackets worn by pilot and bikers.
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I really like the racing replica jacket. It's very very simple. How much are these things?
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