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What can I wear with these shoes?

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I'm thinking of buying another pair of Vass shoes while Sky Valet has them in stock.  The pair in my size that I like is the Black Budapest (on the R last, for the shoe geeks out there) that looks like the shoe at the top of this thread.  What can I wear with these shoes?  The black color makes the shoe more formal (I prefer brown for wear with sportscoats and business casual), but the shoe is a blucher and a chunky one at that.  I'm thinking I can probably wear it with heavier, flannel suits and "American" (e.g., Oxxford and Hickey-Freeman) style suits, but any suggestions would be welcome.
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You're right in thinking a full-cut gray flannel or gray tweed suit. Maybe a DB flannel blazer too with full-cut gray flannels. It seems to be a heavy shoe for heavier weight fabrics.
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Believe it or not,I think these would look great with black jeans,or wide wale black or navy corduroy,as they have that raised toebox,not unlike a boot.
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That's a great shoe in brown. I personally wouldn't wear it in black. Too bulky for city suits and I don't like black for less formal clothing.
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I agreed with Will. Brown would be good. Black just looks odd with that lasting.
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I am not a wingtip person, but that said I think you could wear these with any black, gray or blue slack, even a nice light weight wool gab. No cottens for me with this shoe though.
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With a heavy flannel or cashmere suit or in foul weather with any heavyish weight suit. No three seasons with those monsters.
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