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Mercer & Sons

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Gentlemen: Quotes (propaganda?) from Mercer & Sons http://www.mercerandsons.com/
Why do MERCER&SONS shirts have such a distinctive look? First of all, we offer an honest, full cut as a matter of traditional style and old-fashioned good taste. Good taste is based upon good sense. And truly full cut shirts (not the so-called "generously cut" shirts offered by others) are much more comfortable to wear. Just as the body and arm holes of our shirts are designed to offer maximum comfort, so do good taste and comfort require the full cut we provide in the length of sleeves and tail, as well.
Does anyone agree?
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Mercer has gotten a lot of good press on Ask Andy. I think the long full roll buttondown is great (how things used to be) and they seem to have a nice blue royal oxford that would look well with the buttondown. I have no personal experience with them, as I'm getting this type of shirt made-to-measure.
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When I have a minute, I am going to post a review of Mercer v. Brooks (USA) v. Gitman v. old-stock Hathaway & Sero. I've been a shirt-buying fool lately, and am buying a lot of white oxford cloth button-downs. I like Mercer's stuff.
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