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I am considering booking a short, last minute trip away to sunnier parts of Europe than windy and wet Northern Ireland and so I require suitable footwear. Can anyone recommend any smart sandals or similar style shoes? All I can find are horrible rubber moulded sole monstrosities and one single pair of Barker shoes with a sort of woven leather patern on the top and sides which are on sale in my local shoe shop. (I actually like these, I just would rather have some more options.) I am after something in brown leather, leather sole and preferably easily available via the net. (and preferably under £80)
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There don't seem to be a ton of leather soled sandals out there. When I was looking,I ran across Cubavera ones on bluefly I ended up getting some nice new rlpl ones new off ebay from "grapevinehill". Soft leather, leather soles and the box and shoe bags looked authentic. He's got some other sandals but it looks like the price of the RLPL ones shot through the roof.
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i think the design of these are great but the fit was just horrible. Also, I imagine you're looking for something a little more refined but I swear by my Reef Leather Smoothys. -Jeff
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