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The problem I see with these articles is that when the average joe reads them, he will go out and follow what they mention in the article to the T. It's great that tailored clothing is coming back but is it really? There have always been and will always be an interest. The problem is the current in-fashion of slimmer suits will go way beyond norms and men will revert back to "larger" suits just to be different. Ahh, fashion comes and goes but style will always be timeless. Talking about patterns, stripes, paisleys, etc, these will always be around. But when you take it out and into fashion territory, u get those ugly diagonal striped shirts, basically all of those hideous Banana Republic premium shirts.
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As fashion commentators like Anne Hollander, the author of "Sex and Suits," and Tom Wolfe have observed, it is men, not women, who are more fashion-evolved, in part because of the 200-year-old tradition of the suit and in part because their clothes have more hidden esoteric details that a man can obsess over. Mr. Millon, who was once married to a fashion model, observed: "Women's clothes are of poor quality and are superficial. And the fit, I wouldn't even mention it."
At least this is mentioned...
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We get these "return of elegance" articles in the L.A. Times with a similar 6-month regularity. No other men in my office ever get the word. As for the fairly upscale neighborhood in which I reside and do most of my shopping, I can wear a cheap, fused, Korean-made Alfani sport coat and come across like Beau Brummel.
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Despite some superficial similarities, Los Angeles really is different from New York. Most successful professionals in New York still dress like successful professionals. Whereas in LA, the way you demonstrate your power is by not caring about expensive tailored clothing, i.e., you're a successful "creative" type who has considerably more money and prestige than the agents/managers/lawyers who are at your beck and call and still have to wear suits. In short, it can be very difficult to gauge the socioeconomic status of Angelenos based on their dress. Some of the richest, most dynamic men in town dress like unemployed actors or children.
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"Elegance" and "dressing up" are always so busy "returning" that it's a wonder they ever find time to depart in the first place.
That's fine. Every time they "return", the phone rings more. When they depart, the phone rings less - but since they never write about the departure, the phone just keeps on ringin'.
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Thank god, white shirts are hot at the moment. I can finally wear them again.
I hear white is the new white.
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The term dandyism is thrown around too much.
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