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BB ease suit for $225?  Good deal?

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I got an email about 25% off today at brooks and was thinkinga bout picking up a Brooks Ease suit for around $225? Is that a good deal? DOn't know much about them but are they half canvased like the 1818's?
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They are fused. But isn't the retail price $420 for jacket and $178 for pants?
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yeh but the ones i was looking at were nested so i'm not sure but i'm guessing the retail is around the same.
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At the 346 Brooks, at least, the Brooksease suitings are not nested but are sold as separates. I believe it's the same for web orders, but I can't comment on other store locations. Edit: I should add, IF you cannot make it to New York City for the Paul Stuart sale, where you could purchase an excellent suit for $300-400 (hopefully less on Friday), then $225 for a Brooks suit is a pretty good buy. But I know that it's not an easy drive from Rochester.
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This is actually at a factory store that got a lot of them in, they are not the typical BB stretch which are 97% wool and 3% lycra (not sure on the precentages) but the brooksease are 100% wool but if they are fused not really worth it.
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Although this may not necessarily apply to suits, I know that BB's outlets frequently offer items that are of lower quality than those sold in the main stores. Now that you've given us this extra bit of information, I'd definitely be wary. It sounds like the fabric and construction could be inferior to that of the $600 suit in Brooks' regular stores (and that $600 suit, while perfectly serviceable and a decent value during the after-Christmas and summer sales, is not top-quality).
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the factory stores offer their own lines and are of lesser value. Occasionaly, and in this case they get markdowns from retail stores, and i was able to pick up a s110, the ones made in italy, in a charcoal and window pane (the ones that retail fro $798.00) for $225, thought they only had the brooksease but when i went turned out tofind a better deal. Itsnot to old its only one season old from spring of 04 with no flaws (BB factory doesn't carry anything with flaws). So turned out to be a good deal.
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I bought a Brooksease suit about 10 years ago. After the 3rd trip to the drycleaner the interlining started poking through. I don't know if it was the fault of the suit or the drycleaner but I haven't bought a BB suit or used that drycleaner ever since. I understand that the mid 90s was a low point in BB quality, so things may be better today. However, I wouldn't pay $225 for a Brooksease suit.
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However, I wouldn't pay $225 for a Brooksease suit.
At $600 Retail, why would you even WANT to save that much money? It would be stupid.
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I picked up a Brooksease in great condition on e-bay a month ago for $60. I wanted to have it for travel--we had our first trip this past weekend and it held up very well. Whether it lasts more than a year or two--well, we'll see.
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