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Formal Wear

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I am in the market for a new Tuxedo. Any suggestions? Is double breasted out?
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Is double breasted out?
No, it's fine; great look, plus with DB you skip the vest or cummerbund.
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During a prior discussion of dinner jackets I seem to recall a collective fit over the detail of shawl or notched collars. Exactly which one of these options inspired such furor?
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Notched.  Bad.  Wrong.  Ugly.  Incorrtect.
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So, let me get this straight - I should be looking for a double breasted shawl collared tux....
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Double-breasted peak or shawl lapel. Peak looks sharper. Some real sticklers would say that shawl lapels are not appropriate on a DB DJ. I would not go that far. But unless you already have a more traditional DJ, or are just a real adventurous kind of guy, I would argue that peak is the better, more sensible choice.
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I am in the market for a new Tuxedo.  Any suggestions?  Is double breasted out?
you've got 4 options. 1) single breasted peak, 2) double breasted peak, 3) single breasted shawl, 4) double breasted shawl. so double breasted is not out. Btw - the above is my order of preference for a first tux purchase. I only have a notched tux, which manton will tell you is wrong (if he hasn't already). I'll agree that a peak or shawl is much, much better looking.
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Manton made me get a SB Peak lapel DJ. At least, that's what I told my fiance. No, she was there, and reluctantly agreed that it was worth the extra money we put into it because it looked so good. Ended up spending $800 on just the jacket/pants, and since we got it at my favorite little menswear shop, alterations to make it perfect were free. The 'rents are bringing it to campus this Saturday, along with my new suit and new Army A's. New clothes all over the place. Will post pics.
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 Will post pics.
Please do.
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SB peak lapel is a great look.
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I personally lie both the (Mantonially correct) singlebreasted peak and shawl lapel. The latter is more dramatic, the latter more elegant. Personally, I chose the latter, if just because the peaked lapel is becoming so ubiquitous.
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