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Sheer Nylon Dress Socks

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Anyone else like wearing sheer nylon dress socks like I do? I love the look of the sheer nylon thick 'n thin dress socks as well as the sheer plain filament nylon socks. I've not seen any posts from others or photos of them wearing them with their dress clothing. These socks are getting harder to find and I would appreciate any input on where they can be purchased.

I likewise wear them in the midcalf length with garters or for you guys in the UK sock suspenders.

I'd love any comments except from those who will want to say they are too effeminate which they are not. These type socks have been worn for years by professional men to complete the professional appearance.
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You like Nylons, ey?
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Leaving aside any gender specific qualities (silk and fine cottons can be pretty sheer after all), nylon is an awful sock fabric. It doesn't breathe and frankly looks shiny and cheap (to my eye anyway).

IMO, fine, sheer (natural fabric) socks should be relegated to wear with black tie, not regular business wear.
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Ugh... creepy fetish noob.
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He likes it, the Nylon?
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I have a bunch of he nylon socks from Dore Dore. They are not sheer but have striped ribs. It is almost impossible to wear them out. You could look for Dore Dore retailers who carry the nylon but they are not very popular or easy to find.
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I have been wondering a bit about this. After reading all the posters on SF raving about Pantharella socks for a while, I happened across a number of them at a NM Outlet store. I stocked up on some cottons in interesting patterns.

When I got them home, they were impossibly thin and several are practically sheer. WTF are you guys thinking? They're awful.
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Yes I wear them sometimes. When I first got them they were given as a gift and I thought are you kidding. But after trying them I found them to be okay. But I reserve the for more dressy events. They are not practical for work, they snag. I prefer the OTC version. Honestly they are not hose. They can are found in many men's socks departments in stores.
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I have enjoyed the very much. I only wear the black most of the time. I also have them in diffrent colors. I find them very sexy to have on. I have worn them for 10 year already and have been very happy with them I would not change them for anytthing
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Yes, I love them as well. I particularly love those from Japan, really good quality. Anyone like the same?

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Hi, yes, I totally agree with you, they are not femanine at all but have been worn by professional for a long time. However, I do find a lot of gay men love wearing it thought. As it does has its sensual bits, I suppose. Are you in the UK?

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hI, yes, I am in the UK, living in Edinburgh, how about you?

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