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Axe Shampoo

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I never post in these parts, so pardon my ignorance if this is a dumb thread. Has anyone tried the new line of Axe shampoos? I hate their advertising and their douchebag scents, but their "depoof" shampoo seems promising if it works as advertised. I have really thick, poofy hair (think Rob Blagojevich) and I am always on the hunt for effective "depoofing" agents. Most shampoo seems marketed toward women and obsessed with producing volume--this is one of the first I have seen that actively touts its depoofing. It's only 4.99 at Target, so I will pick some up this afternoon and report back if anyone is interested. http://www.target.com/Axe-Depoof-Sha.../dp/B001K4DKDO
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I use Pantene Pro-V... seems to be doing the job fairly well.
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Yeah, let me know how it is. They also have a hair gel you know.
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I know their body gel is very good. Smells are good not too strong also. I like the deodorant as well.
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I have yet to try their shampoo but I do use their deodorant. Does the job quite nicely.
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Aveda is my personal pref.
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Poof is a problem. A quick review would be great.
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i once got there body wash, it had a good smell and it wasnt to strong at all, you could only smell it if you put your nose right next to your arm or some other place
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i'm bald you insensitive prick!
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^You just use regular body wash on the dome or what?
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^yeah. even though i'm a prissy bitch about clothes and stuff, i've never been too particular about skin care stuff. always had good skin, zit free. i just use dove.
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What the hell are you doing looking at a shampoo thread.
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Deodorant is solid, I would go Crew or Aveda for shampoo.
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I hate the Aveda for Men shampoo (plus the same conditioner) - left my hair never really feeling clean and it got oily again faster than usual.

I'm using Herbal Essences Hydralicious targeting shampoo and conditioner now - smells a little girly to start with, but it works better than anything I've tried on my long hair (which curls a bit at the and can be poofy).
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I have not found anything as effective at controlling my regal mane as Suave conditioner. $1.29 a bottle, or something like that.
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