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Help me pick a pair of shoes

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I need a basic pair of brown dress shoes at a reasonable price, so I've been looking at our friend discostu's Certo offerings. I've been sitting between two pairs and throwing questions at discostu for a few weeks now and my indecisive mind can't pick one; so I'm turning here for input. I'd rather just pick one rather than try to order both and waste time with returns, so that's why I created the poll. Pair #1: Pros: I like the simple stitching around the vamp and the general clean, basic design. The sole is nicer than the other pair, and I've been told the leather is of superior quality. Cons: Maybe it's the photo angle, but the toe and the general tapering to the toe seems a little wide for my taste. Also I'm poor and this pair does cost $45 more. Pair #2: Pros: I really like the sleekness of the model's cut, especially the toe. Also, the price is easier on my budget. Cons: I'm not a fan of the broguing, which seems somewhat half-hearted (i.e. it's not an all out semi or whole brogue) and takes away from the cleanness of the design. My other brown/tan shoes are semibrogues, so that might also factor in. Finally, as I'm told, the lower price apparently reflects a slightly lower quality leather than the former option, and the black sole, even though nobody will see it, strikes me as a little off. So, feel free to chime in with any opinions of which one you prefer, taking design asthetics, versatility, and price differential into account (they both look like great deals, but I don't have any income as of now, so it's only one).
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Voted #2. Maybe it IS the camera angle, maybe not, but I do think it has the better toe shape.
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Is the construction of both shoes the same? It looks different to me, but then, I'm no shoe savant. dan
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Based on the higher listed retail for pair 1, my guess would be that pair 1 is from a higher-level line or model, but obviously that wouldn't make pair 2 bad. I'm more interested in the asthetic aspects to make my decision... pair 1 has better detailing, but I'm having questions about the shape; pair 2 as a more appealing shape overall, but I'm having questions about the detailing; and of course whether or not the price differential matters. Hopefully I'll get a conclusive enough poll result by the end of the day .
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In that case, I agree that from the pics, the toe shape of shoe #2 looks a bit better, but it's not enough to overcome the cleaner lines and better leather and construction of shoe #1. In my admittedly limited experience, a shoe of higher quality factors in to one's appreciation for the shoe. dan
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I prefer the overall shape and toe of Shoe 2. Plus, I kind of like that little bit of brogueing on the outseam. But, Shoe 1 looks of higher quality.
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The poll results convinced me; I put in an order for Pair #1 just now. Thanks for the votes and commentary; I felt like Buridan's ass out there .
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