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NY Times article on Hugo Boss

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Here's the link to NY Times article on Hugo Boss. Here're some of the quotes:
To be sure, Hugo Boss looks for cost advantages outside Germany. It stitches clothing in Cleveland and Izmir, Turkey, as well as in a factory next to its headquarters here. This fall, Boss will sell its first men's suit made entirely in China; Mr. Sälzer is thinking about setting up a plant there.
"What drives us is not a love of fabric, but a desire to move product through a distribution system," said Boss's head of production, Werner Lackas, with a candor that would surely make Giorgio Armani cringe.
The last quote is self-exeplantory, except that I don't think it'd make GA cringe.
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Why should this surprise anyone? The responsibility of a corporation is to make money. Not to say that they don't want to make a good product as well. There is no contradiction here.
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I know Hugo Boss is a schmutziges wort (well, worts I guess) for many on Style Forum but I have to say that I've always enjoyed their styling. Overpriced? Yes, but that's why one should never pay full price for most things one purchases. The news, though, that they will be manufacturing suits in China terrifies me.
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buying stuff like boss never made sense to me. if you find it at a discount it's still not much cheaper than a belvest or isaia if you actually look around, unless you have to have it that day.
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Eh? Buying Boss at full price is cheaper then Isaia...unless I'm mentally over-inflating the price of Isaia. I usually find Boss for pretty cheap, particularly online. If you like the styling, as I do, it's worth it.
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