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Originally Posted by thomaspaine View Post

Same, wear a 3 in shirts but my arms couldn't fit inside a 4 to even try it on so I just gave up on BoO for suiting.

Originally Posted by VJAYEYE View Post

Thanks a lot indeed. Yeah I wear a 4 in BoO and medium in gitman (for the most part). A good deal on a suit but if a 4 was tight if you wear a 3 in shirts I'm out of luck.

FWIW the 4 and 5 fit almost identical imo, just a bit longer in length and bigger arms. And haven't had a BoO shirt in a long time but wear medium in Gitman too. 5 may work for you
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BoO suiting is good quality. IIRC, they are made by Martin Greenfield in NYC and are fully canvassed. I have found them to be cut short, but not overly skinny (i.e., not a huge drop). High armholes might be difficult for you if you're buff.
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I have a suit, that I just wore to a wedding and could post pictures in, but I'd agree with the above post, they're very nice but it's definitely tight in the arms, but I wear the same size I do in shirts (3 in both).
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Yeah still on on the fence about it. Wurlwyde if you could post a fit that would be great. Yeah now not sure if a 5 would be better fitting for me.
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I have a couple of sport coats size 3 if anyone's interested
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London, what are the blazers? Do you have any full suits you're looking to get rid of?

Here are those pictures:

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Good looking suit! I believe that's the same one I was looking at. What's your height and weight, good man?
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I'm 5'11" and about 175lbs. That's a 3 with size 2 pants.
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Anyone know how BoO corduroy pants fit?
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