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Originally Posted by Alphataru View Post

I don't really see anything exclusive about the white and blue oxfords. They're the all season basics, and I know they're available in a lot of places because I have both colors and I bought them elsewhere.

I was wondering the same thing! Those are probably the most classic BoO pieces you can get. They're of course awesome.
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Originally Posted by MSSneaker View Post

The inside out and trapped pocket polos are kind of ridiculous. So is the pocket-turned-on side look they were doing.
I love their polos, I have a ton, and a few are trapped pocket, I've had people ask me "what happened to the pocket" and I've just had to say "uh its the style."
Same with the inside-out, I don't have one but I feel like people would just be telling me my shirt is inside-out.
I love BoO but some of their "subversive" shit is just silly.

Same here. That P&B hoodie looks rad but the reverse seams look silly to me, and not in a good way. I don't need people constantly asking me why I'm wearing my sweatshirt inside out.
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Originally Posted by hideout View Post

this shirt is made in the US while all their other polos are MIJ. i'd guess the fabric is cheaper than the a-girls fabric used on the rest of the polos too.

Their first and seconds season was all A-Girls MIJ. They have since made a ton in Italy.
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that seems a bit odd since the the mij construction/fabric was such a huge selling point of those polos. i guess that's just them trying to cut costs, like the plastic buttons they've been using recently (though i really like the way they look on a lot of shirts...)
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any places with fw12 stuff yet? the only one i know of so far is lvr, and none of the pieces they have seem very exciting to me.
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The Corner has some new stuff...although it's only button ups and what not. Nothing exciting. Just got to Band of Outsiders and click on Fall/Winter. Anyone know how this jacket ran by the way: http://www.aloharag.com/eng/band-of-outsiders-s12bo06660bop2-jacket-d-blu.html
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Can anyone suggest good places to find BoO blazers in xsmall sizes? I already know of LVR, opening ceremony.
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i'd look at south willard, barney's, maybe aloha rag and mr. porter too. none of them have anything right now since it's in between seasons but i think those would be your best bets. xs is a real pain in the ass to find.

also i sent you a pm but it never got answered, is your striped blue oxford still for sale? smile.gif
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Just a heads up, and i'm sure i've mentioned this before, but the only place to buy BoO is at Loehmanns. I don't want any of the other fantastic retail spots to lose business, but, Loehmanns usually stocks current season stuff at 40-60% off automatically. plus loehmanns has incredible coupon stacking. 


i've been to loehmanns in beverly and loehmanns in the hood (reseda) and each time i've walked away with button ups at $65, ties at $40 and shorts/pants at $50-70. towards end of season they have this purple label that brings things down even further. they also stock blazers, jackets, etc. 

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^ Am I looking at the wrong website or is it a store only thing?
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Originally Posted by Froosh View Post

^ Am I looking at the wrong website or is it a store only thing?

it's only in stores and not all of their stores. many of them don't carry BoO and the ones that do don't all have the same pricing.
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^ does anyone know which stores stock it? feel free to PM smile.gif
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Originally Posted by Master Milano View Post

^ does anyone know which stores stock it? feel free to PM smile.gif

beverly center has an entire back room dedicated to italian cuts. ive seen tons of coming soon, some yohji, rag and bone, walter van beirendonck, etc. 

in sunglasses i've seen jil sander, rayban, raf simons, linda farrow.. a lot of it comes and goes very quickly, but ive never seen a short supply of BoO


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^ i think this means you need to proxy inlove.gif pretty please

seriously that's awesome though, take advantage of it. the Loehmann's in nyc are pretty horrible. It has a stock of guess jeans and hugo boss.
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Yes, shut up & take our money!!

BoO XS??
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