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ebay watch seller "dopplewatches"

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Given the recent posts concerning the ease of making phony watches and their prevalence on ebay, I thought I'd ask if anyone has done business with or knows anything about the ebay seller "dopplewatches". Is this a "bricks and mortar store" in Australia? I'm toying with the idea of buying an Oris watch from him. The gents at seem to think the movement in the Oris watch is well-made and the Oris is near my financial limits right now. Any insights would be appreciated.
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If I'm not mistaken, this is a B&M store run by Rob and Lisa. Try for their online presence. Very nice people and I will be purchasing an Oris watch from them very soon. Let us know how it turns out.
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If this is the shop I'm thinking of, Rob and Lisa are great people to work with when purchasing an Oris watch. Have a look at the forum below, Rob and Lisa have their shop listed there. Correction: The Ebay seller "dopplewatches" are not Rob and Lisa. They don't sell on Ebay (to my knowledge). You can get Oris watches at a substancial discount from their website above.
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A doppelganger is a malevolent copy. I'd avoid buying a watch from any Ebay seller called Doppel-anything, unless you are deliberately in the market for an imitation.
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YMark, thanks for the clarification. Buying directly from Rob and Lisa is the way to go. Their prices are good and they are very helpful in answering any questions. I have heard their post-sale service is also excellent. I asked them a bunch of questions and their replies were thoughtful and prompt. I am looking at picking up a Silver faced SS Atelier Complication in the near future and I will let you know how it turns out.
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Thanks guys. I went immediately to the watch-czar website yesterday and discovered their prices are almost identical to the ebay seller's prices (actually slightly lower). So I've exchanged several emails with Lisa and I'm in the process of buying an Oris Miles Tonneau Day/Date. I'll let you know what I think of the watch when it arrives. montecristo#4, you're probably right. It never occurred to me to make the "doppleganger" connection (doh.).
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Received my watch from Rob and Lisa of Watch Czar (Brisbane, Australia) yesterday. Their customer service is outstanding and I'm thrilled with the watch.. Here's the story: my credit card company was a pain in the a** and required 4 telephone calls from me, after several attempts by Watch Czar, to authorize the charge. They finally told me they needed the exact charge, but of course, the charge was in Australian dollars and the exchange rate floats. So I authorized the charge on the phone with my credit card company, while simultaneously communicating with Lisa via the "Live Chat" feature on the company's website. Lisa was very understanding and cheerful, my watch arrived 3-4 days after shipping(..), with insurance, and Lisa also remembered to include a spare set of pins for the extra strap, since I always lose the pins when I change straps. I very highly recommend Watch Czar for anyone purchasing an Oris watch: (Unfortunately, Oris is the only watch brand they sell)
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