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Vachetta leather

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Happened to wander into a Cole-Haan today and saw some nice-looking briefcases/messenger bags like this one. The salesperson couldn't tell me much about them so I looked them up online and found they're made from 'Vachetta leather'. Anyone know wat this means? Also knowing Cole-Haan, I'm guessing that the $500 to $700 price tag for their bags is not a good value?
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sounds sort of italian and spansih. most likely a regional italian dialect. vaca: cow (in spanish) vachetta: little cow/calf the "chetta" in vachetta is definitely italian.
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simply calfskin
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Ah, the things people do to make their products sound more exotic. That beig said, those bags do look very nice in person.
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I'm a little confused—a Google search for this term turns up indications that this is "unfinished" leather that requires special care/caution.


A while ago, I bought some Ralph Lauren bluchers on discount at Nordstrom Rack. The label says "dark brown soft vachetta." The uppers are very soft and have a somewhat unique appearance—not pebbled but almost a little pebble-ish.


Anyone have any idea if I can clean, protect and polish these as usual?

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I would be interested in this answer. Just bought a wallet from Allen Edmonds ( and it is also Vachetta (with the slight pebbling of the finish). Anybody aware of special care instructions (women seem to be treating Vachetta purses before use)? The salesman at the store, who has been a bit overbearing on care instructions in the past (cordovan polish! not regular!) didn't say anything about it, but just want to make sure.

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I believe it's Spanish. Typically vachetta is used to define the natural, un-dyed veg-tanned leather from Spain. Over time when vachetta products are used, they start to patina. A perfect example to describe vachetta is the light colored leather handles on Louis Vuitton bags. Over time, the handles will patina and turn into a dark brown. They need extra care because they are sensitive to water and scratches.

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