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Blazer or orpaned suit jacket

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http://cgi.ebay.com/ws....ck=true If an orphan, can it be used as a blazer? Thanks.
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Prior SF discussion on this subject (IMO, Manton's comments in the prior thread are appropriate to this item) Looks like part of a suit to me, not a blazer. Personally, I find that if I doubt an item sufficiently to post about it, then I shouldn't get it. If you backtrack through the HOF "What are you wearing today" thread, you'll find Jon (IMAGEWIS) with a "real" RLPL blazer.
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I must absolutely disagree. With the right metal buttons this could be a sumptuous double-breasted blazer. I do not believe that even clotheshorse aficionados equate a blazer with mandatory patch pockets. A blazer is as an issue of color and trim, and with the right buttons this qualifies on both counts.
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That's a suit coat, without question. But I agree with armscye that you could get some decent use out of it by changing the buttons. I prefer blazers to be a shade lighter, and have some "surface interest" in the weave, but if you're looking for a good deal on a high-quality coat, that could serve you well. IF you change the buttons.
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I like navy DB odd jackets with navy buttons worn with flannels, but I'm not wild about this gray one.
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Because of the cut, it will work only if you put brass or silver buttons on it.
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Reguardless of button, I find that navy blue goes really well with boot cut jeans. But wearing orpaned suit coat such as PL jacket in question with dress pants may look little out of place.
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It's gray? It looks more like a dark slate blue to me. But I guess I can't really tell.
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Looks dark blue to me as well.
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Blue on my screen...
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Even with different buttons I don't know if this would work. Believe me, I tried this same thing with a coat whose pants departed this mortal Earth. I believe it was a 90 to 95 per cent success but there was always something a little wrong with it. It's my opinion only but save your money.
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