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I have really enjoyed the now discontinued Seattle Cruiser which is now simply a Mackinaw Cruiser with the Seattle Fit.  There is a difference in the wool though as the Seattle Cruiser uses the Yukon Wool as opposed to the Mackinaw Wool.  Still 24oz wool however, but slightly less coarse.  I have it in the Camo/Otter Green color and could not be happier.

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Originally Posted by LahmansBeard View Post

Sorry to revive an old thread. 


I'm looking to pick up a Filson Mackinaw Cruiser with the Seattle Fit. I'm a 38 suit. 5'10" 150. Are we thinking small then? 


Is the Seattle fit more fitted? 

I grabbed this in a MED a couple weeks ago. I hear it is now discontinued, though not sure why because with the red plaid lining this is a killer jacket, and adds that extra bit of 



I'm 5'9" about 155.

Suit 38 slim or regular 36. I'm thinking a S would not allow me to layer in the winter, and this way the MED allows that option. Can still wear it with just my Gitman flannels fine.

Great piece.

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Just bought my latest two Filson pieces, a black Mackinaw vest and a Tin Cloth Cruiser (Seattle Fit). As before I'm so impressed with them. A note on fit: I think the vest, which is the Alaska fit, is only slightly bigger than true to size, I went for my suit jacket size and that allows me to fit a heavy flannel shirt underneath. If I'd gone down a size then it would fit like a dress waistcoat. The TC Cruiser is a large which allows for a shirt and the vest underneath image.jpeg 837k .jpeg file
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Did anyone ever pick up the Navy Cruiser from 2013? It's bonded wool, they also call it boiled wool.


The current small Seattle fit cruisers fit me perfectly. Should I assume that the 2013 small Seattle fit would do the same?


I only ask because I picked up a 36 Filson Forestry Cruiser and it was too small. Probably needed the 38 in the numbered sizes. 


Dumb question? Does 2013 Seattle Fit = 2015 Seattle Fit? 

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Originally Posted by tjandrews View Post

So Like you I was going to purchase a Mackinaw Cruiser and was telling my friend about it. He recommended I look up Tradition Creek (also made in the US - veteran owned company.) They make theirs out of melton wool, a higher quality then the filson mill and it's like a hundred bucks less than a filson. Anyway, this is the coat I ended up going with and couldn't be happier, plus they have a 100% lifetime warranty on the coat, so that's always epic.


Hope this helps!

Not 100% wool unfortunately.

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