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Originally Posted by kit99bar View Post
I'm a 38s also how did it go?
I'm fairly muscular by Sufu standards (5'6" and 170lbs) and I'm torn between a 38 or 36 for this coat.

I wear mine maybe 4 days a week. It fits like a 38. Not huge, just one size off.

-It's not that warm. I don't know what hunters wear, but there is no way a mackinaw and a flannel shirt could be warm enough for zero degree weather.
-It's not soft, rather itchy.
-The rear pocket kicks ass says the charcoal is made of 24 oz while all other colors are 26 oz. I would get another color in order to get 26 oz if I did it again.
-I don't see how the double mackinaw could be too warm (though I have not worn that)
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Diggin' this thread up from yesteryear-


Just picked up a 110 cruiser in Forest the other day, sized 40 XL (the tall version, I've got hella lanky arms and needed the extra length) and thought I would shed some light on the sizing.


I am 6 foot 1 and weigh about 160#. The fit is just as I was expecting.

It has a bit of room to layer under it. i.e. great for a hoodie or crewneck sweatshirt. 


I tried on a 38 XL and liked the way it fit better in the waist area, but the shoulders were waaaay to tight, so that was the deal breaker on that.

Also, I would NOT have been able to layer at all with the 38.


Anyhow, just thought I would share some sizing tips as it's hard to tell what size to get if you can't try one on locally!






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I have a fair bit of experience with Filson through my years in the logging industry on the coast of British Columbia.. have the single and the double Mackinaw Cruiser and the Double Logger in Tin Cloth.. these are hard core jackets for working outdoors.. anyone who does not experience sub zero temperature should stay away from the double Mac,, it's just too much for coastal winters.. I chased on a grapple yarder and wore the single mac.. cold, windy, raining and standing still for hours was the norm and it was plenty warm with just a Stanfield (wool long John top) on under.. the double is really for temperatures in the -20 to -30 range.. great jackets, they're buy once in a lifetime items so there's good value for the money.. sizes are very big.. best to try on or order a size smaller..

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Going down two sizes (42 -> 38) fit nicely and still gave me room to fit sweaters underneath. The single Mackinaw's abundantly warm down to 40, if not lower.
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I agree with the sizing down twice.  Just got mine in a size 36 and I am normally a size 39-40. 

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The single and double are made to fit over several layers. If you are wearing this in an urban setting and not using it out in the woods you can size down one size and for some, two sizes.
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Anyone tried their newer "Seattle Fit" which is supposed to be slimmer/smaller? Wondering if you order true-to-size for seattle fit.

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I've made it to the Seattle Flagship store to try on the new Seattle fit and it's off for me. I'm a 36s suit, 5' 8" so fairly slim so this should be up my alley. I was really excited that finally I could full Filson off.

Well this is what I found: The shoulders are very tight in the coats, Mackinaws, tin jackets. The bonded wool has a strange inner texture as if there is a layer of plastic in it- it makes a crinkly, popping sound. The silhouette of the jackets is on for the sleeves and sides, the higher arm holes are great. Again the tight shoulders is strange-I'm hardly a bruiser. I can't imagine layering more than a shirt underneath a small and the medium is a size I might actually get.

However, the fabric, from all the jackets I tried on is very different. The wool on the mackinaw seems thinner, lighter. The tin jackets is DEFINITELY a lighter oz cotton. I really like the Soy Wax Guide Jacket but it is very, very thin fabric. This is the same for the Alaska plaid shirt (Seattle II Shirt) as well- certainly not a 1-1 match with the original shirt. Notice how online they don't tell you the weight on these?

A step in the right direction but the short end of the stick with the fabric. Frustrating.
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These are my vintage (new to me) Filson Cruisers. Under the Cruisers I am wearing a long sleeve t-shirt, and a cotton sweater. The first one is the older Mackinaw cruiser (110), in Forest Green, size 40. The second is an older Filson Forestry Cloth Cruiser, also in size 40:





Close-up on the labels and color comparisons:



As expected, the Mackinaw Cruiser is significantly thicker than the Forestry Cruiser:



I also have a 1949 Navy Peacoat, so here are their weights for comparison:
- Vintage Forestry Cloth Cruiser = 2 lb, 2.5 oz
- Vintage Mackinaw Cruiser = 3 lb, 10 oz
- 1949 Navy Peacoat = 4 lb, 6.6 oz

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Just got mine today. Bloody love it. Great shop as well in Shoreditch
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I sold the thinner Wool Cruiser, but of course kept my vintage 26oz cruiser. It is my go-to coat when weather is going to be below 40F here in Texas.

I also kept the vintage, original Navy Peacoat, for when it gets really cold "and" windy here in Texas, since it is longer and covers/protects even better than my Cruiser.

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Originally Posted by scud133 View Post

Anyone tried their newer "Seattle Fit" which is supposed to be slimmer/smaller? Wondering if you order true-to-size for seattle fit.

I just got one in Large. It fits me very well with an OCBD on underneath. There is enough room for a light insulating layer on, like maybe a merino sweater, but the shoulders would get tight if I tried to wear a burley wool sweater. I could chop wood in it or go hike or snowshoe no problem. The body and waist are not tentlike, and also not constraining. It's exactly what I want for 40'ish foggy winter mornings in Sacramento and should go down to the upper 20's just fine.

For reference, I am 5' 10" , 200 lbs, with wide shoulders. I'm not slim, but I don't have a big gut, either. I usually fit 42 or 44 regular suit coats, sometimes taken in a bit at the waist. The JCrew Ludlow cut fits me well in 44 regular with the sleeves taken up about 1 inch.

Hope this helps...
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So Like you I was going to purchase a Mackinaw Cruiser and was telling my friend about it. He recommended I look up Tradition Creek (also made in the US - veteran owned company.) They make theirs out of melton wool, a higher quality then the filson mill and it's like a hundred bucks less than a filson. Anyway, this is the coat I ended up going with and couldn't be happier, plus they have a 100% lifetime warranty on the coat, so that's always epic.


Hope this helps!

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Sorry to revive an old thread. 


I'm looking to pick up a Filson Mackinaw Cruiser with the Seattle Fit. I'm a 38 suit. 5'10" 150. Are we thinking small then? 


Is the Seattle fit more fitted? 

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Yeah the Seattle is much more fitted. My one above is a large I'm 190lbs sadly. They don't seem to measure them the same way in the UK. I'd say they're still pretty generously sized I have enough room for a T shirt and a hoodie under mine easily
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