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For having tasted Vichy water at the source, I can assure you that one at least is "naturally carbonated".  It comes out at a temperature of 17 degrees celsius, salty, and low carbonation.  Not very palatable.  I should say that I don't like wimpy bubbles. Each one of these mineral water companies claim their water is good for this, that and the other.  Doctors will actually recommend patients drink one type of water as opposed to another.
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Just as long as no-one drinks masterb8man's "ur*ne" therapy solutions .
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thanks for the responses so far. i actually meant this poll to encompass flat water only. i consider carbonated mineral water to be a different subject all together. but since we're on the subject, i've been searching for an italian water called san faustino. it's supposed to have more calcium than any other water. i've emailed them and haven't gotten a response. does anyone know of a source for this brand?
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kai, how well did the brita work? fabienne, i used to sell volvic here about 8 years ago. it's not very well known here, but i remember many of the tour de france cyclists used to drink it.
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kai, how well did the brita work?
Very well.
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I have a PUR pitcher with a replacable filter that I keep filled in the fridge. It does a good job making our tap "river" water into something I will drink. I buy cases of Arrowhead bottled water in the 20 oz sport bottle for taking to the gym or when I'm going somewhere out of the house. Bradford
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Dansani or Georgia Mountain Water, or out through the filter on my refrigerator.....I absolutely hate drinking out of a fountain in a public place.
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I think Coca-Cola "makes" Dansani, and Pepsi "makes" Aquafina. My well water is great. For sparking I get either San Pellegrino, Whole Foods 365 Brand, or San Lorenzo at Trader Joe's. I do like San Benedetto but can't readily find it. Still bottled: Acqua Panna. About 5 years ago, we had a problem close by. A large bottled water company, who owned several brands, was drawing a lot of water about 2 miles away. Private wells were being affected, and they were doing this during a drought - they were drawing 10's of thousands gallons a day. I believe it was Perrier/Nestle, but obvioulsy for a domestic and still brand. Eventually an environmental group got invovled and helped solved the issue. I'd like to find still water from around Naples - that's one of the reasons the espresso there is so good. Hey, maybe here's a source: Fine Waters - edit - bits about drawing a lot of local water
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