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Originally Posted by berlin report
Wow, it all makes sense now. I was wondering about some of your choices, LAG! I'm sure this list would look a lot different now. I agree with you on Etro. No one can beat him when it comes to prints. PS is getting dangerously close to looking like he's giving out licensing for productions. Some of the stuff I doubt he had anything to do with. Parasuco---unfortunately I never got to see the good stuff. Again, so true about Diesel and Custo-- they were good but now they're just trying too hard. Reminds me a bit of Girbaud, very creative but doesn't really know when to stop. I mean, one less zipper/button/stripe/piping/wash sometimes makes a HUGE difference in class and wearability.

That was 4 years and some bits ago. "Premium" denim was a relatively new phenomenon. Most jeans were under $180. I remember that Seven jeans for men started in F/W 2001, and were hotly anticipated by cutting edge stores like Traffic in LA. Certainly, $200+ jeans were not so commonplace as they were now. A lot of brands I really like now weren't even created yet, and some were, but were not available outside Japan at that time. And you are affected by the climate. On the East Coast, my palette has gone a lot darker (although I break out brighter colors now and again.)

Let's see.

Nudie didn't really get into the US, and then in 2 retailers, until Fall 2003. 5EP and Rag&Bone were non-existent, iirc. Engineered Garments did not release in the States until Fall 2004 (when I started talking about the company). Spruce (now W+H) and Wings & Horns got it's first Canadian retailer in Spring 2003.

I think that if I had to take off all the stuff I have on now not available in NA in 2002, I would be sitting in my Calvins and Chucks.

A lot changes in 4 years, especially in the diffusion pricepoint. Some of the brands people on the forum now love to hate, like True Religion, weren't even a gleam in the eye yet. The founder of that company was still making Hippie jeans...
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Moderators, can't you move to to streetwear forum? This is the one of the last remnants before the streetwear forum was set up and doesn't belong to this forum. I can imagine the streetwear folks would hate to see an EG or JL thread appearing in their forum as much as I hate this type of thread popping up in the clothing forum.
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No, I'm keeping this here for historical reasons. It has been here since May 2002, and it's staying (although I may link it, just for fun.)

As for the Streetwear folks, you'd be surprised, but there are Edward Green and Grenson mentions in current threads. If this thread distresses you, don't read it. I personally think that a bit of cross pollination is good. The Streetwear and denim forum was created for people interested in those subjects, not to insulate people from the riffraff
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