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For some reason STP listed the retail price of a lot of their Jeff Rose shirts as $79.50 (or thereabouts). It's actually more like $135. I've never seen one priced less than that. I doubt that STP would have discounted the shirts any less, but the lower retail price advertised I'm sure scares away some potential customers (because the savings just doesn't look that great). In any event, whatever the retail price is, the Jeff Rose shirt I got from STP (I got two more last year at FB) is easily the equal of my Bobby Jones shirts.
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The brand was purchased from Jeff Rose in '98 or '99 by 3 brothers who's last name escapes me. The distribution center used to be located in a public warehouse in Secaucus N.J. I was able to buy several cotton golf shirts and a few long sleeve wool polos at manufacturers cost, at the time it was $35 for the cotton and $45 for the wool. The wholesale price of the golf shirts was ~$60 in 2000. Just shows you how cheap they are on STP.
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I got a Gran Sasso with a self collar at Saks that is very nice. A trim fit with great material. It is a line they make for Saks. Much cheaper than Bobby Jones and as good or better.
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Gran Sasso. Great stuff. Good price. Lasts forever.
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OK, so Bobby Jones polos have good fabric and so on. But they are way too old, for my taste. Does anyone know about golf shirts that have a truly athletic cut AND good fabric quality?
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Originally Posted by radix
Does anyone know about golf shirts that have a truly athletic cut AND good fabric quality?

Though not BJ quality you may be attracted to the J.Lindeberg style.
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Penguin makes a good, slim fitting shirt. Check out the ones on STP ... they even warn you to order a bigger size if you are chubby.
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