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Black graduation suit?

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So I just sent an e-mail to Jason to inquire about a TaT suit that I want to get for graduation. I currently have a navy suit that WW Chan made for me when I was in Shanghai. I'm looking for a more modern silhouette and that's where TaT fits in. I've always wanted one of those black slim suits, but I can never see myself wearing one unless I was out for dinner or at a special event. Since I'm graduating from university in about four months, I'm looking for something for that event. Is black appropriate? Or I should go for a gray or charcoal color?
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get a charcoal flannel or grey herringbone and don't go conservative from the house cut
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If you want it, get it. This kid got a black TaT suit for his graduation. (Click for TaT blog link) I figure that after I get a navy suit, I'll get a black one before I get a gray. It just makes more sense to me, personally.
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Thank god i didn't wear a suit to my college graduation. I think it was like 95 degrees. Would be cool to be styling for it though. Jason has this really nice navy color i like, as well as the light grey.
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