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Gucci just started an inhouse tailoring service that is amazing. I have two suits from them already, and the quality and the cut is great. They've managed to maintain the distinctive Gucci cut and general style whilst still making it MY kind of suit. I have a large-cut double-breasted grey pinstripe, which I love just for the Yuppie era feel it gives me. I also got a beautiful and, obviously, more versatile single-breasted suit, which I am also in love with. It's strange, even with all my bespoke suits, I love these customized ones even more, from the color to my name sewn over the Gucci label... I advise everyone who is anyone to go ang buy at least one. --European Interloper
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[b] if you can spend at least around $600 on the suit (just the suit, keep in mind you'll still need a shirt, shoes, tie) email me with your suit size, and we'll talk. i can show you a few suits that will do exactly what you want, but done thru excellent hand tailoring. keep in mind, you will have to spend at least this much to get what i would call a nice suit. The_Foxx russ_fox@hotmail.com
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I've seen Mani suits at a place called Savi that used to be around here (Bellevue, near Seattle, WA). They were pretty cheesy, and even at discount prices were not worth it. They just felt cheap. Even the salesguy advised me to spend the same or less on a lesser-known brand to get a better suit.
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I'm curious as to how much a Mani suit goes for J (msrp). The fact that I can find very little mention of the line, anywhere, seems to me like he's ashamed of it and is only using it for extra revenues that it brings him at the very low end of the price spectrum. It really looks like he tries to keep it as separate as possible from his other lines...
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