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Getting a suit?

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Alright, well I finally have a need for a suit, come mid-May. A girl that's very good friends of the family is getting married to a guy she's been dating for, mmmm, five years now. The wedding is going to be held at the church I used to attend, and my ex-girlfriend that dumped me cold after a year and a half long relationship will be there. Needless to say, I want to look... exquisite. Some of my questions that need addressing would be: Should I go with a conventional blue suit, or maybe something different? Keep in mind, I don't really have anything for the occasion. How many buttons? Is a shirt that requires cufflinks over the top, because I really want to wear them. Heh. What about a hat, is that over the top? I want something I can wear braces with. Besides a pocket square, are there any other necessary accessories? And importantly, where can I find this stuff for a good price? I'm not specifically looking for a certain designer, just a smart looking suit that's going to make my ex-girlfriend shoot herself from self-pity. Oh, and one more thing. Would it just look too obvious if I were to bring a hot friend along as a date? (If you can't tell, this girl really mistreated me)
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I'm not really sure where you can find the suit you're looking for, but I believe that a hat is definitely over the top. Unless the wedding is taking place at Royal Ascot or you want to look like you've yet to join the hair club for men, I'd skip the hat and just go with a sharp looking suit. Suspenders and a pocket square are probably fine, but don't go too far down the road of looking like a dandy. You don't want the girl that dumped to think you've gone gay or something, as that certainly would not make your point. As to taking the hot friend as a date, go for it. If you play it right, having a date can help you attract interest from the single females at the wedding (and weddings are prime spots for finding them). As a total generalization, I will say that women often go more for men who already have dates than for guys going solo. My best friend and I have theorized that being with another woman gives you the stamp of approval, i.e. "if he's good enough for her, he must be desirable." Above all, just have fun and enjoy yourself. That will show your ex that you're not still pining away for her and that your life has continued. Bradford
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Michael: We spoke extensively re this on AOL IM last night...If you must have a suit, try your local Off 5th or Rack. Your best bet will be one of their off brands for the amt. of money you want to spend. The Racks here still have generic brand, made in Italy suits for the amount of $ you're looking to spend. If you're really in doubt, have them hold it, and call me- I'll help you. Remember, alterations could cost as much as $100... You could try E-Bay, too...My brother once got an Oxxford there for $600 brand new. It didn't fit, and he was able to send it back, and get his money back. You are going to wear braces with buttons, aren't you? These are about $20 for good quality Trafalgar at Rack. P-Squares to match are $6 or $7. I really wish you'd consider a sport coat. You'd be much more likely to find a great, name brand in your price range, and it would be more versatile for future wear. I think a sharp sport coat with solid polo, nice slacks, and a hot babe on your arm would definitely accomplish the desired purpose...
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Steve B is going to disagree here, but if you are young and in pretty good shape, Emporio Armani suits are reasonably priced and look sharp. If there is an Armani outlet near where you live, they are having an additional 30% off on their suits right now. I just got a razor sharp 3 button peak lapel black suit for evenings, late afternoon weddings, etc... for $360, from $795. You can also get them to send a suit to you if you are not near an outlet. Be warned, though, that the sales are final, so go to a nearby Emporio Armani store, and make sure that their suits are well cut for you (I find that their sizing is fairly uniform.) If you are near a Barney's outlet, I find that they have hipper (read younger) cuts than do Saks Off 5th, generally, and the prices on similar suits are cheaper, too.
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LA Guy: Actually, I agree with your good advice...Somebody's gotta wearArmani, after all...LOLOL
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A followup to my previous suggestions Giorgio Armani General Stores (Their outlets for Black Label, Collezioni, Mani, Emporio and Armani Jeans lines) can be found at Chelsea Premium outlets in Orlando, Cabazon, and Woodbury Hills in New York. Anyways, you can find locations and phone numbers at: www.premiumoutlets.com Good luck.
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Accessories are great...as long as they compliment and are not gaudy. The pocket square should be more of a hint than really showing. (Just like wearing cologne...less is more.) Braces should not have the same pattern as the tie. There has never been a better time to select a nice pair of cuff links. Why not a hat? Most men's stores will have sales in early June.
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what sort of things go on sale in june? I don`t think i`ve ever really done any shopping around that time.. I need to get a couple new pairs of dress shoes and maybe a few nice shirts and ties. It`s not pressing so should I wait or are the sales generally pretty small events with limited selection?
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There are 2 major sale cycles in retail, the first starting the month or so before Christmas and ending with post-Christmas clearance sales in January, the second starting in June and ending July, although some sales extend until all the old merchandise is cleared out. This is nearly uniform across the world, with some exceptions in the far east, where the sales times are sometimes out of sync up to about a month. Although not as well-advertised, spring/summer clearance sales are similar in scope to Christmas sales. Of course, the extent of markdown is anti-correlated with how well retailers are doing. This winter was terrific for consumers. Of course, some stores do not hold sales, but in general everything from the spring/summer season goes up for grabs.
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LA Guy: I've found Armani General Store to be MORE expensive than sales at N-M, Sak's, and at the boutiques. Part of the reason why I love the label so... Michael's in Athens, GA, so even Orlando's a long ride.... I've found Nordstrom starts in June, 7 am Father's Day. Lately they've been doing a little PreSale 2 weeks or so ahead of time with their own stuff like JWN and Faconnable. Sak's is perpetually on sale cuz they're hurting, as is Barney's. Same down in LA?
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Summer slaes usually begin right after Father's Day. A few stores have "private" sales for "preferred" customers before the sale is open to the public. This weekend, regular custormers can take a 15% discount at Brooks Bros. I've usually found quite a lot of things still on the shelf when the sales begin. If a store really has to move merchandise, they will mark things down. I've found some great bargains at the summer sales at Saks.
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Bleh I swear to god I'm a moron when it comes to shopping and saving. I spent like 2k on summer stuff in feburary cause I have no self control. I walked into the store, saw all the new stuff and was like "wow i like this and this and this etc." I bought it all then, assuming sales wouldn't start till like end of august and I figured buying clothes i needed for summer at the end of summer would be kinda dumb since I had no nice stuff. Go figure I've worn the suede shoes once, and of 3 of the pairs of armani pants I bought, I've worn one pair once on a fluke day when i didn't have to wear my overcoat cause it was actually nice and dry out. I got even more pissed when i walked in to another store a couple weeks ago and saw a gorgeous cashmere sweater marked down from like 600 to 275 and i was out of spending cash at the time. It's gone now =/ Anyway thanks for the sales info guys, hopefully knowing this I can ignore my impulses a bit better in the future. Oh and one more question, how much of a discount will you commonly see offered at trunk shows or is it completely dependant on the show/store etc? Zegna is coming next friday and saturday and i'm wondering if I should go or not.
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Hi Steve B, The Armani General stores are generally more expensive than Saks and Neiman's when there is a sale at those stores. However, when there is a sale at the General stores, the prices there are generally cheaper than even the best sale prices at the multibrand stores. In addition, in the States, Emporio Armani (which I is a much younger brand than Collezioni and Mani, and probably better for Michael - and their suits are a terrific value) and Armani jeans are only available through Armani run boutiques, so you don't really have much of a choice. I've heard that they are doing a bit of brand repositioning, and that you might be able to find Armani Jeans in multibrand stores like Barneys and Saks soon, but until then, you are stuck at those stores buying Black Label (very nice but very expensive) or Mani or Collezioni. I suspect that your poor opinion of the brand comes from your experience with those two diffusion lines. Re your question about sales at Saks now. There is always some clearance merchandise, but not very much this late into the spring. Of the big specialty stores, I like Saks more than Neimans. I've always had much better service there, and the sales are generally better. Neiman's is, in my opinion, terrific for classic clothing, but their buyers need some help when it comes to the more directional lines. Saks is in general pretty good at this, and Saks Mens in San Francisco can get into the ring with anyone. I like Barneys much more than either Saks or Neimans though. I'm personally eyeing a few Costume National pieces at Barneys for when/if they go on sale.
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For GQ Geek: Did you post as "junior jet set" on the GQ forum prior to this forum's conception.
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I suspect that your poor opinion of the brand comes from your experience with those two diffusion lines.
I don't know much about Mani cause I`ve never seen it in any of my favorite stores (they do made to measure Kiton, Brioni, Zegna, Armani Le Collezioni, Canali etc.), but i have heard the line supposedly offers "cheap" (how cheap i have no idea) "armani" suits. Whether they're cheaper cause they use cheap fabric, inferior production techniques, a combination of both or cause they don't have the armani branding, I have no idea. I own a ton Collezioni clothes though and I am waiting on a made to measure suit. That said I don't know how anyone could have a poor opinion of the brand based on this collection. I haven't once had any problems with the quality of the clothes. The fabrics are great, they drape beautifully and fit perfectly. The pants are all lined to the knee if they need to be and as far as I can tell there isn't anything to indicate inferior quality. Mike: No I didn't. I posted anon or whatever on the other forum since most of the time i had short replies and couldn't be bothered to think of a name for posting
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