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Originally Posted by mcflip
definitely go to 45rpm and get them chainstitched.

Any tailor can "lock stitch" jeans and a lot of tailors can California or Original hem (chop off the bottom and reattach it higher) but lock stitching makes a hem that doesn't "rope" and won't be spot on to the original and doing a california hem never looks or hangs right.

If you get the bottom chainstitched, provided you haven't already washed your jeans a bunch dip the hems in water and it will "rope" a bit when it dries. After that, that area gets enough wear that it will match the fading of the rest of your jeans after a short period.

So which method is best? I don't want the curling obviously and originally I had thought DD has a machine that did chainstitching but I think they just re-attached the hem.
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For raw jeans, using the original hem may not be so important. You would want a tailor who can do chainstitching. They just cut off any fabric material that's too long and put a cool looking chainstitch on it. The 45RPM store does that for you.

But they do not do what's called a Eurohem, which takes the fabric material that is currently your hem and moves it up so the jean fits you length wise. This is important if your jeans have been washed/distressed. You don't want to simply cut off all the work put into the hem.

Ramon "tailor to the stars" does this in NYC. 45RPM actually recommends them. I just took two washed jeans to them and will post pics if anyone's interested. They're due back this weekend.
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I would like to get some jeans hemmed and I was wondering if someone could tell me the location or locations of 45rpm.

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R by 45rpm NEW YORK
169 MERCER St.,NEW YORK 10012
Tel : 917-237-0045 

17 East 71st., New York, NY 10021, U.S.A
Tel : 212-737-5545 

i've only been to the downtown store, chainstitching runs $10.
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Thanks, i'll give them a try.
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alternatively you could go to blue in green - they probably do chainstitching there also.
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Originally Posted by xcoldricex
alternatively you could go to blue in green - they probably do chainstitching there also.

They will once they bring in their chainstitch sewing machine.
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They specialize in the original hem and will deliver to you so it's not a problem if you cannot find a local tailor that can do the original hem.
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45 RPM will deliver?? I work in midtown and I'm really interested in having them hem a pair of jeans that I just bought.. but there is no location near me. However, if they would deliver that would be great.
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I think he meant this place:
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Yeah. I figured that out after I posted my reply. I think I'm just gonna try 45rpm it sounds like they know what they're doing.
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Way late, but I figured I'd say it anyway. I'd go with BiG, if I were you or anyone in your situation. Went to 45RPM and although they'll chainstitch, they won't switch the thread. It's the same color thread as the ones on their jeans, which is a burnt orange. BiG will change the color thread to match (as closely as possible) the ones on the jeans. The posts above were awhile ago and they've since gotten their machine.
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guys so where exactly is BiG?

Also I am new to the forum and had no idea that it is possible to shorten jeans so they still look like the original ones at the bottom!

I currently have some jeans that are long on me and as a result of me constantly stepping on them at the back they are now stringy and slightly ripped at the bottom. Since they are still long is it possible for me to take it to one of these places so they will just cut it off and make it the correct size and they will look as good as new???
I am in the LI/NYC are. Thanks in advance.
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If you read this thread, I'm guessing you know that the reason for the original/Euro/California hem is that the jeans have a certain wear to them that would make just hemming them look weird (no wear or fade at the hem).

Also, if you're going for a chainstitch hem, you should make sure that it's going to be the right length by either
a) soaking to get that shrinkage out of the way
b) getting one wash jeans or
c) making sure your jeans are sanforized

Okay, now BIG:
8 Greene Street
New York

T(212) 680-0555
F(212) 680-0556
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thanks. So chainstitching will make the current jeans that I have that are all worn out to threads on the bottom pretty much look like new at BiG?

Also will they measure them there how much they have to take off. Should I wear the sneakers that I wear most often with them?
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