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Can a sweater be altered?

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I have some Cardigan style sweaters that are too large for me. Has anyone had a satisfactory experience with a tailor or other craftsman who altered sweater? I would appreciate any recommendations about craftspeople who could do this work. Ted Andrews
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It would depend on whether the whole sweater is woven together, or if it is composed of woven pieces stiched together, I would think.  I mean, technically, it could be altered no matter what, but would you want to? Dan
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IMO this sounds like more trouble than it's worth.
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You could probably put darts in a sweater cost effectively. That's about it.
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There's a place called "Alterations & Reweaving Center" near here that (if it's possible at all) could undoubtedly do an excellent job for you. I haven't brought such a project to them, but after watching the lady there re-knit a collar onto a very fine-knit cashmere sweater under a stereo microscope, I'd have to recommend trying them. I talked to her a while and she definitely knew much more than me about the subject of alterations. Their prices aren't cheap, but if they are favorite sweaters, you might try them. Alterations & Reweaving Center (206) 632-8791 1601 N 45th St Seattle, WA 98103
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I've had very good results with these folks.  They're also in WA, but you can mail work to them, anything from moth holes to extensive alterations.  They just fixed an awesome 8-ply Scottish cashmere cableknit sweater I got as an absolute steal off eBay. A broken strand had unraveled to a quarter-size hole; they reproduced the knit pattern and spliced the yarn; I can't even see where the break was.
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