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Trousers to wear with a light beige jacket

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I'm thinking of getting a light beige / sand-coloured jacket this summer. Most of my jackets are relatively dark colours - navy, dark khaki, brown and so on - so it's fairly easy to choose trousers to complement the upper half.

Buying trousers to match would be an idea. However, I'm haunted by an old photo of European Union leaders at a summer summit. The various PMs and Presidents were wearing dark suits, with the exception of the Irish Taoiseach Bertie Ahern, who wore a cream or light beige costume. One newspaper commentator said he resembled an ice cream salesman.

So if matching trousers are out, what other colours should I consider? I can see a jacket in this colour going with jeans and even white or off-white chinos. What darker tones should I consider?

Thanks in advance.
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Depending on the weight, mid to dark grey with light tan/beige shoes works for me... your mileage may vary.
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I'd think that navy, brown and olive would all go pretty well.
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Thanks guys... I suspect I have a mental block when it comes to dark trousers and pale jackets.
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Something along the lines of this?
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+1 to binge's suggestion. also stone is good. a windowpane on the light brown jacket will let you pair it with browns that are a little closer in color too. and in the sun, you can get enough contrast with textures. if your light beige jacket is very slubby, you can wear smoother pants in a light brown that is close, without looking too matched. and vice versa. you can get away with closer matches in bright sun. compared to dingy winter sky, all that light will magnify the contrast between two fabrics. i would wear light blue seersucker or just light blue before navy, for sure. also light any color - red, orange, yellow, purple, whatever, before navy or any other near-black color. you don't need as much contrast in the summer sun. navy would be overkill for a light beige jacket in the summer.
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I have a beige jacket. I wear it with dark jeans or medium -pearl grey pants for more dressy events. I would certainly look at an interesting light brown, but it would need to look like a summer brown and not a fall or winter shade or your look will be off.
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White, off white, light gray, seersucker.
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Darkish camel trouser, blue shirt.
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Originally Posted by binge View Post
Something along the lines of this?

Anyone who likes the Love, Peace and Poetry compilations could wear a potato sack and still be cool.
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All great ideas, thanks. That's a very good point about how bright sunlight is more forgiving of closer matches.
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