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Making leather whiter?

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Is there a way/are there ways to make white leather whiter? I have this pair of white pants I would like to wear with white leather shoes. However, I realise the pants seem whiter than the shoes by a more than a 'comfortable' amount and might seem a bit out of place So, I was wondering if the shoes can be made whiter, even if it were just a bit more. Also, does a red or burgundy tie go well with a pink shirt? If they are, which of the two are more suitable? If they are not then what colours will be suitable? What colour of suit can a pink shirt be worn with? WJTW
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No clue about the shoes. Paint maybe? As for the shirt/tie. You can wear a pink tie with a burgundy shirt, but I wouldn't wear a burgundy tie with a pink shirt. Not contrasty enough and too much of a darker color. It'll just look...odd. I'm assuming the tie and shirt are both solid. As far as wearing the shirt with a suit, in my opinion, you can wear it with any color suit. It's all about coordination. If you find the right tie, it could make a suit and shirt go together quite nicely, even if the shirt is pink and the suit black, for example. Dan
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You can most likely have the shoes dyed a whiter white, see a good shoe repair place about this. As for your red tie/pink shirt query, it's all shade dependent. I can't really see a burgundy shirt going with any tie where pink is the dominant colour. However, a pink shirt and pink tie with deep red elements would look great. As for what suit colour goes with pink, everything. Grey, tan, blue and black will look amazing with pink, just make sure the shirt suits your skin tone. Have fun and hope that helped. A.
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Get some Nurse White shoe paint. It tends to make leather look chalky so you may have to spray on a polish afterwards. I think that trying to rub a polish over Nurse White would make it streak.
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Thanks for the help on the shirt and tie. I'll try to look for the appropriate tie. About the shoe colour, would white shoe polish be of any help in affecting the colour? WJTW
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What kind of shoes are we talking about - like bucks, or white calf leather, or Stan Smith Adidas, or what? If the latter, I painted over mine with some of that Kiwi stuff in the bottle, and it worked pretty well.
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The shoe's leather is white calf leather. Will this affect the whitening possibilities? Thanks, WJTW
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Definitely- I wouldn't use the nurse white paint stuff on calf. It's mainly for athletic type shoes. I guess you would use white shoe polish, if they are the polishable type of shoes.
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A former employee at the Allen-Edmonds Cabazon outlet told me that they regarded white shoe polish as "snake oil" and recommended neutral polish for use on white shoes (obviously not bucks). I have used the whitening fluid for nurses' shoes with good results on my bucks. I also tried it on my A-E two-tone Belmonts when I thought the white vamp had gotten a little tinged with brown after the last time I polished them. I couldn't see if it did very much to restore the vamps to shiny whiteness, but it certainly did no harm that I could discern. The fluid I use (don't remember the name but it comes in a box with an old-fashioned looking uniformed nurse on it) is rather watery. I certainly wouldn't characterize it as "paint." Don't know if this is any help.
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