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Where to find H. Lesser clothes + Price Range

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Hi, I would like to order a couple of bespoke suits in H. Lesser clothes (thanks to so many positive reviews). My tailor does not offer H. Lesser fabrics so could you please give me some info on where I could buy those (I live in Belgium so preferably in Europe, can be online too if possible)? I'd like to have also an idea of the price range (per meter), knowing that I'm mostly interested in the 10 to 13Oz range. Thanks in advance for your help. Cheers, Sisman
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Do you ever get to London? There's a little hole-in-the-wall fabric store near Savile Row (New Burlington Street) called W. Bill that sells cloth lengths to walk-ins. In addition to selling their own stuff, they carry various mills and merchants (hit or miss).
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Thanks Manton. I'm not often in London but plan to go there to buy fabrics so your advice is spot on ;-) Could you give me an average price range, just for information? I know it can vary a lot but I really have no idea about the price of good quality fabrics, classic blue/grey worsted or flannel, from super 80 to super 120 in the 10 - 13 Oz range... Is it about 100$/meter, 200$/meter, more??? Cheers
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I don't know A) if they will have Lesser at any given time and B) if they do, what the prices will be.  $100 per meter would be really, really low -- too good to be true.  $200 would be more like it, and still very good as a wholesale price, if you can find someone to sell it to you wholesale.  But I can't say for sure, as all the Lessers I have I got through a tailor (which is the way Lesser prefers to do business).
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Thanks again, that's exactly what I wanted to know. Cheers Sisman
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Good choice in Lesser---Their 10 oz.--13 oz ranges are great. I'm partial to the slightly heavier 11/12 oz. range and if you're really a traditionalist, the 13 oz range is outstanding, too. I find the slightlier heavier cloth tailors better. Lesser is more, so good luck. Grayson
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Thanks Lisapop. I can't say that I'm a real traditionalist because I'm only beginning to build a bespoke wardrobe and so I think that I will stick with the classics for a while... Stupid question but what is the conversion between ounces and grams? I found different numbers and I'm still unsure?
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1 ounce = approx. 28 grams Grayson
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Multiply the ounce number by 28.3495 to get grams.  However, that can be slightly misleading, since traditional English cloth is not meter width (~ 39 3/8") but 36" goods.  I believe that Lesser still makes cloth in the 36" width, even though more and more English mills are switching to meters.  Anyway, meter-width cloth will obviously weigh slightly more at the same basic "hand" and density.  Thus a 300 gram cloth in meter width is the rough equivalent to a 10 oz. cloth in 36" goods.
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You're welcome.  Depending on your budget, try one suit in 10 oz and afterwards in 11/12 oz. and see which you like more.  The 13 oz is a bit too hearty for many and would be somewhat stuffy for the warmer months.  Enjoy your suit. Grayson
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very interesting Manton. Damn, English people can be so complicated...
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The EU conquers all.  Some day soon all cloth will be woven in meters and sold in grams. Unless the French referendum goes badly. Which, recent polling aside, is impossible to imagine.
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I don't mean to break up a satisfactory relationship with your local tailor, which is a rare thing and worth cultivating. But-- if you're planning to go to London more than once, you could just find a London tailor. All the good ones should have Lesser fabric. It's one way to save all this schlepping around and worrying about retail/wholesale costs.
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I'll follow your advice lisapop. I really want to try a 13Oz suit but will probably wait next winter...
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