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just did some shopping!!

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Ok guys.
I just did some shopping in my hometown and i found some offers i just couldnt refuse.
Hopefully i dont look like a total yuppie
Prada cashmere coat.
Prada couture shirt in aubergine/reddish glare over the shirt.
Brioni trousers.
images are not the best but hey..
The coat alone was priced for €295.95 from €1495 so it was more an impulse than anything else.

Let the comments come!!!

I also added some shoes. let me know how you like them.
I am still kinda new to SF so i would just like to know what im dealing with here

Thanks in advance all!!

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turn a light on and take the pictures again
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ok i altered some foto's in photoshop.
Hope this helps otherwise ill make some wardrobe pictures soon!!

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MOAR Light
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those shoes dont look new
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I'm not a fan of the shoes, but I would like to see more of the other items.
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I don't like those shoes. Can't see enough of the other stuff.
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Need more light, cant see anything except your pants.

And while we're at it, can I get some of those sour cream and onion pringles in the background?
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Ok ill take some new pictures when i get home tomorrow in daylight.
Idfnl , you can have some pringles if you like Good thing the foto didnt show the cigars and Ruby port i was enjoying that evening. Id would have had alot more repliess then

Srry for the pics guys. They looked alot more lighted on my screen. Think the HD lets everything come out sharper and lighter.

Ill be back soon for round 2.

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