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Viva Mexico!
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Yoshiaki Yamashita Architects & Associates
Garage Terrace House
Kyoto, Japan

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^ Interesting. 


When you're sitting in the little courtyard on one side of the tree, I wonder if you can see the person taking a shower in the bathroom on the other side of the tree? 

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I assumed the adjoining room is a bedroom, but who knows?
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Chanel Amsterdam

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I don't know if I like it, but it definitely elicits a heartfelt "Wow" from me.
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Glass brick is a great material that creates some fantastic effects, but I think what they've done there is pretty tacky
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Those aren't glass bricks, those are bricks made from glass.


these are glass bricks:

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Wouldn't transparent metal be more structurally sound?
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New York's Super Slenders
​A new form in skyscraper history has evolved in New York over the past decade: the super-slim, ultra-luxury residential tower. These pencil-thin periscopes — all 50 to 90+ stories — use a development and design strategy of slenderness to pile their city-regulated maximum square feet of floor area (FAR) as high in the sky as possible to create luxury apartments defined by spectacular views. The basic, yet complex principles of the economics, engineering, and design of this new type of super-slender towers were detailed in The Skyscraper Museum’s 2013/14 exhibition SKY HIGH & the Logic of Luxury

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Hi guys I'm wondering if any of you know where I can get my hands on a 10 minute film on Peter Zumthor by Wim Wenders called 'Notes from a Day in the Life of an Architect'. There doesn't seem to be a way of watching the film other than having been at the showing in 2012, the link above leads to the production company which is still functioning though. No official source and even no illegal source as far as I can see.

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I'm not sure if this is the same thing, but if you get on Itunes or the Podcast app for Iphones/Ipads, there is a podcast from the Louisiana Museum in Denmark that has an episode (#61) which is an untitled documentary on Zumthor that runs an entire hour. He's wearing the same shirt in the documentary as the one picture shows. I actually watched it about a month ago. I'm guessing it's worth watching if you're searching for this other one.
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I haven't checked the podcast, but that sounds like it could be the 'Different Kinds of Silence' interview film, that you can also watch right here:
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Not hundred percent that those two were exactly what I'm looking for but definitely thanks, great stuff regardless (Different Kinds of Silence mighy actually be it though).
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