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Originally Posted by Tried and True View Post

And from the same man came the Flatiron Building.

Much better, but very derivative. I know it is arguably the most photographed build. in Manhattan , but in all honesty, this is just one of the hundreds of similar buildings populating major cities in Europe and L. Amer.. All I am saying, as example of architecture this Flatiron build. is highly unoriginal.
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Originally Posted by FlyingMonkey View Post

Well, aren't you just a little ray of sunshine...

It's not my fault you can't read.
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Originally Posted by StephenHero View Post

It's not my fault you can't read.

It was entirely your choice to insult someone for no good reason, twice now, rather than simply responding in a neutral, polite or more friendly way.

I'm quite comfortable with being wrong now and again, and happy to be corrected and to learn. I am also reasonably sure I'm neither a moron nor illiterate.
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I know just a little bit about being snippy, and you were being snippy.
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MO+G taller de arquitectura
Pinar House
Zapopan, Mexico

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^Nice. The interior and some of the features have rather a Japanese feel. 

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I hope that wasn't the master bedroom.
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Speaking of bedrooms:

I vaguely recall a listing around a decade ago in the Los Angeles area for a rather large home (20,000 + sq ft) that had only one bedroom. I thought, that's for an owner who is not fond of house guests.
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I've not yet been to Paris, and when I pictured government housing in the "banlieus" and other, poor arrondisements around Paris, I always pictured large, brutal, Stalinist-style concrete blocks. 


It seems that I was, at least in part, incorrect if this gallery of photos is anything to go by:




Photographer Laurent Kronental has been documenting the decay of some of the large housing projects around Paris that were constructed between the 1950s and the 1980s. Some of the designs are surprisingly creative and some are really quite whimsical or absurdist, whilst other look very futuristic. It's interesting that such styles were adopted for public housing blocks in France. 


Some samples:








Some more photos here:



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Very cool stuff. Although the image of the buildings over water is a little frightening. Gives off vibes more of Alcatraz than of proper housing. Any chance 'public housing' was a euphemism for prison?

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Originally Posted by Journeyman View Post

I've been to this orgy of triangles in the foreground of this picture. An old teacher of mine worked on the project and for some reason encouraged students to go see it. It was every bit the soul-crushing, civically-detached purgatory you'd expect it to be, but I remember being pretty flabbergasted by the complexity of its floorplans and the effort to design them. If I recall correctly, they had attempted to give every apartment unit a different layout to ensure "correcting" the failure of earlier LeCorbusier housing projects like Unité that mostly just multiplied standardized units as a political statement of social class dissolution. I've never seen a more heroic effort of space planning in the pursuit of domestic dejection. The floor plan looked like somebody dumped a box of butterfly paperclips on the floor and traced them. About 90% of the effort into the project evidently went into making sure that every apartment could actually be accessed.
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Wait, where's the punch list........
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