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I found it to be better to simply source new covers from Cassina. I ordered a set for one of my clients, her chair was about 50 years old. Ordered inserts as well, in this case in down.

It was in the upgraded leather. Reasonable enough th it was better then sourcing questionable work elsewhere, also allowing the chair to retain its authenticity.
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Oscar Niemeyer died.
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Originally Posted by StephenHero View Post

Oscar Niemeyer died.

First thing I saw when I woke-up, damn.

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"We have to dream, or else things won't happen," Rousseff said, using one of Niemeyer's famous sayings. "Few have dreamed so intensely and accomplished so many things like him."
Paes summed up what many felt when he said "Brazil and the world lost today a man who dedicated his entire life to produce beauty."

"I once wrote a poem about the curve. The curve I find in the mountains of my country, in the sinuousness of its rivers, in the waves of the ocean and on the body of the beloved woman."
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A sad loss. An amazing man and what a legacy - his influence was felt across all spectrums of design. Production design for the 2006 release Aeon Flux took cues from Niemeyers Brasilia.



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Originally Posted by hrb View Post

Have any of you reupholstered an LC2 Chair in the past? Experience on cost for a decent aniline leather? Feel free to PM so as not to take the thread off topic.

I have actually been thinking about buying an old one for the last week or so and reupholster it, in cord or something.

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Oscar Niemeyer died.

He was a great architect and he will be missed.
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Herzog & De Meuron's 40 bond st. was featured on a real estate show tonight.

I love the exterior of that building.
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This neglected church, once part of the Sant Francesc Convent, was renovated by Catalan architect David Closes. Located in the town of Santpedor, Spain, it was the last building standing from the convent and was badly in need of repair. The project turned the former church into an auditorium and multifunctional space for cultural events.

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Really tacky detailing.
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Oscar Niemeyer

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As Prince Charles often points out Modernism can't help inflicting itself on the classic in a pathetic effort to seek relevance.

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I like this one
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Hiroshi Nakamura
Optical Glass House
Hiroshima, Japan

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That's awesome.
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It's pretty sweet. Love to see a floorplan or layout.



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