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It seems that the English cut (or Anglaise, which is being replaced by Rescue) with 1 size down, whereas the New Standards (or Unisex) and the Rescues with around 3 sizes down unwashed or 2 sizes down after being washed. Have no idea why they do this. They are sanforized so they won't shrink much. Also, they can stretch up to 1.5" in the waist with prolonged wear/no washes. Maybe they like to wear the jeans with a loose waist  
Methinks this is some insidious conspiracy by Continental Europeans to get back at those still clinging on for dear life to Imperial units.
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(ringring @ April 10 2005,01:06) Thanks for the welcome LA Guy. Honored to be here and look forward to learning from you all.
Welcome again- really glad to see you here.
Thanks for the warm welcome Charles. Glad to be here.
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Can't believe I forgot to say hello and welcome myself. Hello and welcome. Glad to see you on the forum.
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The "low waist" thing on the Rescues is a little .. off. The new standards rise is lower. Don't know why the website says otherwise, but the measurements speak the truth.
Yea, I've tried both, and all the APC jeans seem to have the same rise (10.5); even the English. The English just feel like a lower rise, cause they sit lower.
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I think it's generally hit or miss. My new Standard came almost true to size. The ones I have are made in Macau. It's generally true, however, that the Anglais comes two or three sizes larger.
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