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Just got my new Standards

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So, I jumped on the bandwagon and got a pair of APC "New Standards." I have them on right now, and they feel like sheet metal, it's kinda cool though. I'm also wearing my Nike Dunks, so I feel like on of those Japanese Denim freaks. It's a 10.5 inch rise, which is not too high, or too low. I'd prefer if they were an inch or a half an inch shorter. I bought a size 29; the guy said they stretch in the waist and shrink about two inches in length. For anyone who has APC jeans, what is the best method for getting that greenish tint? The card that came with them, shows 4 different wash methods.
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I just ordered mine. How long did it take to arrive? I'm planning to wear them without washing for as long as possible (maybe a few years) BTW why don't you post the measures in that new topic
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For anyone who has APC jeans, what is the best method for getting that greenish tint?
The greenish tint is generally a quality of vegetable indigo jeans after a year or two of wear/washing. The other time you'll see that tint in unwashed jeans is when different indigo dyes are used. Unfortunately you can't really create it yourself. Mike, what I am doing with my jeans is wear them until you can see some wear marks around the knees on both sides, and some whiskering on the thighs, then wash them once a month with a little bit of detergent (inside out) on a warm soak at first, then a cold soak once a month (and hang dried). I saw this pair and decided I am going to try the same method, as that is one of the best wearing effects I have ever seen on a pair of unwashed jeans. That pair is like 8 months old and has been washed 8 times.
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Brian, that pair has been worn (at the time the picture was taken) everyday for approximately 1 year and then washed only once. (yeah, I'm sure) Many people seem to like this pair, but I don't like the vertical lines. Also the watch-pocket it's a bit overdone.
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Geowu, I have translated a bit of it myself and I am quite certain that it has been washed 8 times. In his previous pictures of that same pair, he even compares the jeans prior to and after each washing. But you are right, the jeans are a year old, not 8 months.
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Well... I remember seeing similar pairs around. I saw the comparison too, but I don't remember now what was it that it said. I respect if you said so. I must try to provide you with accurate information though. Try seeing that site in It clearly says used for apprx 1 year, washed once.
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The table says, "Time breaking them in" - "1 Year" -- "Frequency of washing" - 8 Times also, the google translator has made some errors before, and I don't trust it. I use a kanji and Japanese-English dictionary (as well as a year of Japanese classes) to do this, which is why I am 100% sure that he washed the jeans 8 times. Ahh, I found what you're talking about:
While photographing this picture from the last time, 1 time it washes.
He means that they've been washed once since his last (5th) installment.
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Nice.. I made 1 year of Japanese classes too... although I just checked it up on Google, by mistake. The table says, indeed, time of wear = approximately 1 year frequency of washing = 8 times there are actually 6 pages, not one. the one which started it, the first: this one has 1 wash.
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Brian, have you seen this site?
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Brian must have Great job you're doing here Brian. Much respect to LAGuy too.
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ringring, Welcome - I've always enjoyed reading your posts on the Superfutures forums. Hoe you like it here and decide to stay. As for those jeans (the original link) - you can do a reasonable job over about 2 months, wearing them every day, but with a little bit of help from a soft pumice stone (careful though, don't overdo it - just a few rubs a day, and a vinegar rinse followed by a wash and line dry at the end of the 2 months. The front of the knees, the thighs, and the butt essentially need no help at all if you are biking, regularly sitting on, say, concrete steps (say, betweemn classes for you college guys) and the jeans are reasonably fitted (I find that the thighs wear out quickly.) The back of the knees and the whiskers on the upper thighs are much tougher. Use the pumice stone to help you along very carefully, and not at the edges (just use your finder nails there to define" the creases. I would say that you should not rub more than a couple of times a day. Again, the back of the knees will get the whiskers much more quickly, and much more naturally, if you just sit regularly on the cement blocks around a public fountain or whatever...
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I dig that belt, any idea where it came from or is it a custom?
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I dig that belt, any idea where it came from or is it a custom?
Looks a lot like a Hollywood Trading Company belt (see www.htcamerica). You'll find them at at the most reasonable prices. They sell them as women's belts, but the designs are all generally unisex. Baltazar ( have similar designs, and are better constructed, and are less ubiquitous, but that's just me...
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I dont see this cut on the APC website. Where did you get them from? Never mind, they werent on the "jeans and t-shirt" part but I found them elsewhere
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Dill, The New Standards is the UNISEX model. If you get the other one it may not be the same thing. Maybe the other one is washed.
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