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Cerruti 1818 suits

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I am thinking about picking up one or two Cerruti 1818 suits and did a search but didn't find much, i know there is some threads out there cause some had links that no longer work. Anyhow whats a good price to pay and hows the overal construction/fit of the suit? I bought to Belvest suits which i am very satisfied with (need more waiste supression) that fit me really good. Are they similar? How do they compare to Canali's?
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Probably a fused suit. I've only ever seen one Cerrutti that was full canvas. Century 21 carries a lot of the Cerrutti 1818 suits, and they are all fully fused crap. Someone once mentioned Cerrutti 1818 as being a "step above" the Nino Cerrutti label, but that information is likely outdated. Unless the seller can specifically answer questions for your regarding the 1818 suits, I'd avoid buying them.
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I had an 1881 cashmere blazer and it was definitely not fused. Par with Canali, step below Belvest based on my experience.
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I'll have to disagre here. Those proper 1881 suits I've seen have been good ones (in Europe, so YMMV). Full canvas and other nice details such as hand attached lining at the bottom. What is more common is that one sees suits with Cerruti 1881 label on the sleeve that only tells the origin of the fabric. Those suits are usually cheaply made and the Cerruti label is usually the only thing that is special about them. eBay is full of those suits and they are commonly advertised as Cerruti 1881 suits, often in a way that is ambigious enough to be true, should the buyer discover the truth and complain. B
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I have no doubt that there are Cerutti 1881 (I knew it wasn't 1818) suits that are full canvas. The one that I saw a year ago was great. But I've also seen 1881 suits that are fully fused -- and not just 1881 fabric, but 1881 suits. But that's my point -- without asking the seller specifically about construction, there is no sure way to know what you are getting.
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A few years ago I was asking here about some Cerutti (I think 1881) suits being sold on Bluefly for around the same prices as their Canali and Zegna merchandise. I believe that eventually someone bought one and found it was fused, although he kept it because he liked the fabric. Based on that my impression would be that the 1881 suits (at least those models) are nice for fused suits, above the Nino Cerutti licensed trash, but obviously not in the same league as canvassed suits.
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The suits were the 1881 (sorry bout that was thinking BB i guess) that may be buying off this seller I know some people complained about him awhile ago but i picked up two belvest for $450 shipped from him and got them today and was very happy with them. Let me know wha tyou think about these.
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