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Gambert Custom Shirts

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Has anyone tried Gambert Custom Shirts in Millburn, NJ? I'm thinking about having them make some shirts from me and was wondering if anyone has had any experience with them.
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The Gambert family has been making shirts for three quarters of a century, and for some very finicky customers. Must be doin' somethin' right. Grayson
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I have several Gambert shirts. Very well made. Paul McClutchy will not let you leave the store with an ill fitting garment. Turn around time is fairly quick; couple of weeks instead of a couple of years........ a la Jantzen.
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Mel and son, David, are highly reputable and charge a very reasonable price for their product. Two of the good guys in the business. Grayson
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I've passed Gambert (in Newark) many times on Amtrak to NY, never tried them, though. Looks like Millburn is the retail outlet and shirts themselves are made in Newark. Gambert
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This link offers some historical information about Gambert and their wholesale business... Grayson
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I believe there are three branches of the Gambert family with separate shirt making businesses. I have a shirt from the Gambert Millburn shop. Paul McClutchey is a real nice guy and the service is excellent. THey have a good choice of fabrics. They do a fitting before completing the shirt, which not all shirtmakers do. My only comlaint is the style of the collar. Their collar styles are more English than European.
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Well, I went into Gambert Custom Shirts in Millburn today and put in an order. Everything that was said about Paul is true, he's a fantastic guy with none of the snobiness you see at some places. He took several measurements (chest, waist, hips, left shoulder, right shoulder, shoulder height, sleeve length, wrist circumference, lenth, neck) and said that a shirt would be ready for a fitting in a week. The prices were decent - between $100 and $200. These aren't Jantzen, or even Chan prices, but there's some value to being able to see and feel the fabrics in the store and having a professional there to answer any questions. The buttons he will use are MOP and the shirt will have single needle stitching and the shirt will have a split yoke with each side measured seperately. I'll report back when the shirt is finished.
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 I'll report back when the shirt is finished.
Thanks for your report. I for one would be interested in an update when you get your shirts. What fabrics are available and what did you order?
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Thanks for your report. I for one would be interested in an update when you get your shirts. What fabrics are available and what did you order?
They had mostly 100s 2-Ply Broadcloth, Pinpoint and End on End. They also had a smaller selection of 100s Herringbones and Twills. They also had a smaller collection of Sea Island luxury fabrics. I went with a 100s 2-Ply Broadcloth in a stripe pattern. I'd say, if I had to estimate, that they had about 500 - 600 different patterns to choose from in solids, stripes and checks.
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As the last review posted is from 2011 it is clear that most people just avoid making the effort (i am generally in the same boat, though this seems to be fresh on my mind).
Stopped by the shop today as I truly wanted to have some custom shirts made. In my early 40's and have had custom shirts made for the last 15 years. Was looking for a new custom clothing maker as the last one, in Roseland, closed up shop a few years ago, and as a local business owner in the area I believed that this was a reputable establishment that I truly wanted to use for the long term.
From the moment I walked in, as a previous reviewer mentioned, the old gentleman at the place greeted me with the 'i do nothing and why are you make me do something' attitude. I replied that I was interested in custom shirts and after he, without any interest in establishing a business relationship with me, went into his minimum shirt and pricing routine. As soon as I said thats all good and I was just hoping he will be able to make me better fitted shirts then the previous maker, as I felt the measurements he made on me were not that flattering, the old man, who wears shirts by the way that dont look very custom fitted, quickly said that we are not a good fit for each other. I was apparently too demanding in asking him how he could make a better fitted shirt and I seemed like more trouble then what he wanted to deal with in the future. This is what he said to me. Rarely do I, or anyone for that matter, come across a situation where you are kindly asking for someone to provide a service you will be paying a lot of $ for and they just tell you that they decided you are not worthy. lmagine hearing that. I was somewhat shocked as I walked in there ready to make a commitment to how ever many shirts ($ was not an issue) I had to purchase initially (have done this before quite a few times) and hoping to be a customer for life.
The 70+ year old man and I had a short conversation that followed regarding possible misunderstanding but it was clear he was not interested in doing any business for his business. He kept on repeating, not sure why, that because I asked for something better fitting then the previous shirt maker made, I was not a worthy customer. If anything I was only looking for a better shirt maker and he just couldn't comprehend this. He did inform me, after I asked, that this is not his business. He just runs the place. He also opens all of the mail as I asked him if it was possible for me to mail the owner a letter informing him of the deteriorating business model he may not be aware of that is in place. He said he opens all of the mail so thats out of the question.
As a relatively young and successful business owner it is so difficult for me to believe that the owners of this place are engaged in the establishment and have any interest in its success, unless of course they are just never there to see what transpires. The one gentleman that is employed there, and is the face of the shirt maker, would not be hired by any business looking to maintain and grow its brand name. It is truly a shame that I will see the doors shutter on this place in my lifetime for sure. But then that whole 1933 established thing, as per google, is just the year the original Gambert started the shirt making business in Newark. These owners, who hired a man that cannot sell wood to eskimos, are surely from a different cloth.
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Is anyone able to shed more light on the difference between Mel Gambert Shirts located at 61 Freeman Street in Newark, NJ ( and Skip Gambert & Associates located at 436 Ferry Street in Newark, NJ (  Is it just a coincidence that both share the same name or is there any relation between the two?  Can anyone comment on the quality of one product versus the other?  Any information at all would be most appreciated.

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