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definitely a great store....i have my eyes on some shoes now, just have to pull the trigger
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I might as well pile on. I ordered some Mantellassis from Lance last week, and I got them yesterday. They're great shoes, they were at a great price, and Lance is a pleasure to work with. Lance, more Mantellassis, please.
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I'll add too - I've bought from Lance before and his service and products are top notch. I also ordered a pair of Mantellassis - the burgandy monk boot. It was the most beautiful pair of shoes I ever had, for a moment. They're too small for me. He'll have them available soon on his site, size 9.5 / 42.5.
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thanks for the plug, i didn't put Kabert up to it, honest. part of the frustrating thing is most of the items in the clearance are going to net me MAYBE an average of 5% after expenses and most are money losers, but i have people asking if i can discount a st andrews blazer another $100. i guess that's part of it, but i imagine bluefly doesn't get requests like that, or maybe i'm too nice in that i actually reply with a friendly "can't do that".
I tell ya what, if you can discount that pair of mustard Artiolis another $10, I'm sold.
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Just received my Mantellassi 897s and they are fantastic. Lance still has another pair of these great shoes in size 10.
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