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i'll try. actually about a year ago i got about 6 or 7 shorts and was excited b/c so many ask for shorts. they were basic black armani suits and i ended up selling the final few for under 300 i think. nobody wanted them.
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lance - what did you end up deciding with the physical sale idea?
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Honest, Lance, I did my part to represent the 42S suit-buying populace a year ago when I got a taupe Belvest from you. Just had a hard time justifying buying more than one suit at the time. Maybe your frustrating experience selling your Armanis had more to do with the general feeling around here vis a vis black suits in general rather than the fickle buying habits of the height-challenged members of the forum
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yes that belvest was a great suit, i just thought the basic black armani would sell fairly easily (not necessarily to you guys but to others, as i get at least 5 requests per week for "S" sizing). physical sale, still thinking about it. it all depends on how much is sold by august when new stuff arrives. if a lot sells thru, then there's no points. i'm hoping to sell 350-400 pieces per month.
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[PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT] Have you checked out the sale at  Think...  "Virtual" Filene's Basement the morning of the big Bergdorf Goodman and Barney's shipments?  Kiton, Borrelli, Cifonelli, Isaia, Incotex, St. Andrews, Colombo, Brunello Cucinelli, John Smedley, Silvano Lattanzi (shoes), 7 for all mankind, and on and on.   Go to Some amazing, amazing deals, everything is 10-30% off.  And shipping on your entire purchase (all of it, not per item) is $2.95 during the month of May.  NO TAX either... Edit: And, unlike EBay, returns are permitted.
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actually i will allow returns from ebay too. i just put that when i first started b/c so many people would buy stuff and send it back and OBVIOUSLY not try it on, buyer's remorse. thx
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Disco (Lance), I just received the box of stuff I ordered from you -- really, truly excellent. Those Erreghe belts are incredible (your price: $70 each -- Stanley Korschak's shop was asking $435.00 each ... yikes). I understand Erreghe is part of the Brioni family of companies, so I'm not surprised that the quality and design are Brioni-like. Love the Smedley turtlenecks, Luciano Barbera silk/cotton slacks and St. Andrews blazer too. Total Retail at Korschak: Over $5,000 Price at VirtualClothesHorse: under $700 Thanks again. "I'll be back"
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thanks. at one time i think erreghe was repped by Bizzocchi's place, and i tried to get into them but i think they dropped that line. not 100% sure, but i think that's right. glad it worked out for you
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How much longer will the 30% off sale last?
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I'll probably keep those prices as they are for awhile.
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Lance, Have you thought of adding in a "what's new" feature to your web store? Just as you have a carve-out for clearance items, it'd be nice to be able to search solely "new" items. If that's possible already, I'd be interested to know how to do it. Thanks
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actually i have thought about that. if you go in right now and search these terms individually it will show what is new within the past 30 days: arrival brand new search those 2 terms and each will bring up something different but i know what you're talking about and agree it's a good idea.
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virtual clothes horse rocks. I just got a lorenzini shirt and a canlali for less than $200. Thanks stu i appreciate your work
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thanks, always a pleasure thx lance
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I just wanted to add to this thread and say that it's an absolute pleasure dealing with Lance. I just got a shipment of 11 items in and am very satisfied overall. Obviously he has great merchandise, but the guy also goes far above and beyond when it comes to customer service, and I don't think i've ever met anyone that answers emails so fast.
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