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Do young women prefer casual looks over dress looks?

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Take a random university student girl in her 20s looking for (or scouting for, or just in general looking at) a university student boy in his 20s. Is she more likely to fall for:

1) A boy who wears GAP-like casual clothes (chakis, casual shirt/sweater, sneakers, etc.).

2) A boy who wears double-pleated and cuffed dress pants, black dress shoes, dress shirts with a tie, and carries a briefcase for his schoolbooks.

3) Any variation of 2 you might want to consider, such as removing the cuffs and double-pleats.

Note that I'm talking about clothes the boy wears every day, not just on special occasions. And again, I'm talking about university students of age about 25.

In general what types do young women like that prefer? It seems that 1) are most common for boys these days but that doesn't mean we know what women think.
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As in any such situation, it depends upon the woman. That said, your first choice seems the more common preference.
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#1. Just my guess as a broad generalization. It seems closer to the norm for that age and I think women are a lot less interested in men's clothing than those on this forum might believe. Remember, just being a woman doesn't automatically give her better taste or a better sense of style than a man, so why expect that they should all appreciate the "better" dressed man?
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Just start wearing a damn suit everyday already!

Anyway, if you plotted some kind of style graph for her Mating Cohort (men ages 20-30), you would see a bell curve. You would want to be +1 or +2 standard deviations from the mean in the positive direction. Anything farther than that may make you too weird. Unless you were able to pull it of Very Well, and whatever you wore made you very interesting, such as the method they try to use on the show "the Pickup Artist".

So make it interesting.
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For student, I would go 1). But I think Holister or American Eagle is more hip than GAP.
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All young American girls seem to be into A&F wearing types.
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It also depends on what type of females you are trying to get. In college, I went the hippie style and wore dreadlocks, and actually pulled in a lot of upper class sorority girls because it was more interesting than all the douchebags in their cohort who wore pink polos and white hats.

Make it interesting.

Wear the suit everyday.
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Originally Posted by freefinancialadvice View Post
Wear the suit everyday.
Hehe you will never quit will you? I like you.

But man, I'm just considering a few possibilities that's all.

Finding it hard to make up my mind.
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depends on which girls you want to get

but most of the girls on my radar are more into casual look, even though they do
love to see, if someone wears a nice coat and nice shoes and takes care of himself
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In my experience (and I live in a college town) college-age girls prefer the guys in suits. We represent wealth, stability, and maturity.

Aside from that aspect, I've actually met a few girls that are turned on by giving oral to guys in their suits.
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Would you be more interested in a woman who dressed in stylish, youthful clothes, or one who wore full-length dresses and old-lady blouses buttoned up to her neck? Which one do you think would be more fun to hang out with?

Beyond that, would you want to hang out with that dude who insists on wearing a tie and carrying a briefcase to class?

Think of your target audience, then go for the look most likely to attract it.
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I think most college-aged women would assume #2 was gay or something. And this is coming from experience.. my sister in law refuses to consider dating a friend of mine who is a decently attractive doctor because he "dresses too gay."
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Seems like every American college campus has at least one "suit" guy, who rolls to class in a suit and tie with a briefcase. I've never taken an official poll, but I don't get the sense that he generally pulls the ladies. I've never really understood this particular fashion choice. Also, I don't think pleated pants are ever going to do most men any favors. That said, there is a middle ground. Most students in the Boston area seem to find the jeans/flip-flops or Uggs (depending on season)/and North Face fleece to be a universally acceptable outfit for all circumstances. Dressing up need not mean dressing in dress slacks and a tie every day. Just paying attention to how your clothes fit will go a long way.
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From my experience, a combination of casual and dressy worked well for me back in college. I would sometimes wear a tweed jacket with jeans and a turtleneck and other times go completely casual or full blown suit. Keep it interesting and unexpected. The key is to not dress FOR anyone but just be yourself. Self confidence is more attractive than anything you might wear. If your style and personality is more formal than casual, then be true to that. Trying too hard in either direction is unattractive no matter what you wear. Know thyself young man
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