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I'm not a big fan of Seiko, but it looks stunning.:D

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yes, thanks, nice models

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Seiko 5 Sports SNZF15K1

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big Seiko fan and now a big Orient fan as well. in fact, i actually just ordered a Casio Quartz Diver as well. so i've really come to appreciate how these brands have been able to produce great bang-for-your-buck pieces.

i mean, $38 for this? not badddd

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Sadly not by me I bought a Seiko Titanium supposed to last a life time the pin broke in the strap and Seiko cam't repair it!!

£500 down the drain and they want me to buy another one? 

Wouldn't touch them again!! A company that charges £100's and then cant cary out a simple repair a few years later is not trustworthy in my book. Hope the rest of you don't suffer as I did.

I expect this post will be removed or not approved so they can carry on the deceit or pretending they are a top watch maker!

I know we all take as we find but  - Be warned!

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