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Just bought this Seiko Spirit. I like quite dull-looking watches. The color of the face is a faintly beige silver.

I've had a Seiko 5 for ... 15 years now? Really like their watches.
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VERY underrated
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I'm doing a Seiko 5 story for GearPatrol.com. I'm wondering if I can use some of the above images. Thanks in advance!
Ed Estlow
aka EddieNTZ


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Does anybody know a reputable place where to get a seiko skx007?
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Seiya Japan or Higuchi Inc.
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Thank you very much, I will check them out.
I have been looking for it, but with no luck
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If they can't help, they'll likely be able to point you in the right direction.
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I recently purchased the SNK793 Seiko 5 watch. I don't know much about watches, but looking around it seems that the Styleforums and AskAndys of watches hold them in high regard for entry level watches.


The best part is, it was only $60. It's "marked down" from $185, not really sure if that's a constant markdown or what. Here is the link on Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Seiko-SNK793-Stainless-Steel-Automatic/dp/B002SSUQF6


The picture doesn't do it justice there. Look through Google images. The face is a dark blue which catches the light well.


Here is a good picture from someone over at watchuseek http://forums.watchuseek.com/f71/wruw-3-28-13-a-838666-12.html#post6145665

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Ye they are really good quality. 
Father had one and think its still going after years.
Good build quality, just the name doesn't carry as much weight as Rolex and others.

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Originally Posted by TheWraith View Post

Seiya Japan or Higuchi Inc.


+1 for Seiya. I got my Seiko Alpinist, SARB059 (below) from there. Great service.




(see below). Great service.

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Seiya-san is the best.
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Seiko is tremendously underrated. The Cocktail time in steel beats the pants off of any ETA competitor in the price range, and the Grand Seiko line is positively sublime.

Hell, even their older quartz pieces can be charming. I'm currently wearing a 7A28-7049 that I found in a thrift store for less than ten bucks :) 

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I just bought this recently. Great watch for the price:

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