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Has anyone had any experience with corbin suits. Wondering what a good price is for one, and the quality?
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Well, I don't like them much because the fabrics they use are pretty awful. Not in looks so much as comfort. Just stiff, dry wool. Of course, it looks cheap as well as feels bad. Maybe they have a higher line, but the ones you find at discount won't be great. It's therefore hard for me to say what a good price for one is. This is because, while $150 isn't an obscene price for a Corbin suit (turns in to $200 after tailoring), if you spend $250 more you can get a much, much nicer suit. I think that extra $250 is worth it if you (1) need a suit, and (2) you have the money.
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No, but I hear www.ravistailors.com make excellent suits... Forget that comment...
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