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How many suits does one need to start with?

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Here is the scenario: - I am based in a city that has moderate climate with tempertaure that ranges from 10 - 30 degrees Celsius, generally. I am thinking of using four seasons suits for my wardrobe and layer up to stay warm in winter. - I have to wear a suit and tie everyday. - I expect my suits to have a life of about 3-5 years with one pair of pants per suit. How many suits would you think I need to start with in the first year, assuming that I will get one or two new suits every year in subsequent years?
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Depends on how much money you have. You live in a nice climate. I'd probably get six or seven -- 5 that you can wear year round, and 2 that are more of a 3 season weight. The latter are probably more dispensible for you, but I find that it's nice to wear a heavier weight wool because of the superior drape and more interesting textures. But that's assuming you have some money to throw around. In any event, make each suit count. I'd rather have four outstanding suits than 7 average ones.
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I'll just make sure that I have at a minimum 5 suits, if only so that you won't have to wear anything twice in a week. I'll prefer 6 or 7, since you'll need to have them cleaned at some point given how often you're wearing them. so basically, what johnnynorman3 says.
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If you can budget for at least 5 suits, that would enable you to wear just one suit a week, which is ideal for maximizing the longevity of each garment well beyond 3-5 years. Try to go with a classic, conservative design which will sustain you through the different changes in style through the years. Grayson
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Actually I'd suggest minimum of six suits to avoid the dreaded "If-its-Tuesday-it-must-be-pinstripe" syndrome.
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Dakota, I couldn't agree more. We have a few guy's at work tat you can honestly tell what day of the week it is by the suit they have on...One stands out right away if you only came in on Tuesday's you would think he only had one navy pinstripe suit and an orange tie. I realize it's a bit of a stretch but if you could swing 10 suits I would think you would have a pretty strong foundation of basics and nobody would pay much attention to what you wore two weeks ago, throw in a bunch of different tie/shirt/shoe combo's nd you could easily go a month with a fresh look each day...
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