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Just me...

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i read more of you're answers..And i've come to a conclusion. Maybe i did not get my point across very well but obviously you people are way to classy and intelligent for a troll such as me. (by the way cant wait for lord2 to get out then me and my troll buddies will be on the big screen) Anyway i was not understood or maybe i lack the communication skill's that everyone here seem's to have mastered . Thank God for my poor troll soul i have found another web site were people stupid like me can talk about fashion without having people hotdogging around. Anyway i will not try to explain myself here anylonger cause like you pointed out i know absolutly nothing and i am stupid as a goat or rather a troll. Anyway i will leave this site (there are you happy.) and never come back again. I will like to finish by saying this : my intentions in coming to this site were pure and i only wanted to talk about fashion. I never intented it to turn into a nasty fight. But in the end the administrator at the other site i found agreed that guests who would start another colum inside one's posting showed a lack of respect and were told to stop doing that. At the other site people are more like me perharps more troll you would say. But in the end to each is own. I wish you well (to all of you)..And i wish this would have turned out differently. But i must admit that i as you pointed out am too stupid for high class people such as you. Thank you.
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good riddance.. sheesh, some people cannot just put up a post and see what happens. erikus, i guess you could say that "you're" outta here.
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i read more of you're answers..
*you're=you are *your=possessive
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There really isn't a reason to be so bitter.
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I still don't understand what you're so bitter about, though. People commenting. I've rarely been in a real, person-to-person conversation that didn't meander somewhere from the original starting point and take on a life of its own. At least, rarely been in an interesting conversation that didn't meander somewhere from the original starting point and take on a life of its own. So don't be offended if other people jump on an aspect of a reply and run with it. The intent is not to offend, but rather to further the dialectic. Peace, JG
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"Can't escape from the common rule - if you hate something don't you do it too . . ." Maybe these words fit you perfectly as say a Hermès glove? Whatever, this site is fine, and the people here are ok. You can't control what others 'say'" (type) in posts, either showing off or starting their own sub-topic in your topic, so why bother worrying about such NON-issues? You're being just as unproductive as you accuse others to be. Must I remind you that this is the fashion forum and not the place to post either of your last two topics? There is a forum for such topics. Shows how much respect you have for this site and its rules. Respect is a two way street, you have to give it to get it. It seems to me you have given very little, but have assumed you deserve a lot. Hopefully this other site will be better suited to your needs. I have the strange feeling though that this site will soon disappoint you with all its "stupid" people also. I'm of the suspicion you feel yourself to be royalty amongst peasants wherever you are. Ahhh, tis such a cruel fate.
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