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Jantzen Therapy?

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Sat in traffic for an hour and a half and the road rage built up to terminal levels. It all gave way to euphoria when I saw my Jantzen order waiting for me at the door. Sorry. Nothing else really pertinent. Those of you looking for astounding insight best keep looking....
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So how's it look? Details, man. Hope mine gets here soon...Ricky sent me some emails about my monogram, so I hope that's a good sign.
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Nice. I'm hoping mine will arrive soon, too. What fabric did you go with?
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When did you place your order?
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The turnaround was relatively quick. I placed the order March 2nd. Heard from Ricky about 3 weeks later and presto. So it was only about a month. I went with Dobby, #55 and 141, and cotton twill #29.
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Lucky guy i placed my order at Christmas. Last week, Ricky answered an e-mail I had sent him and said that the shirt just went out. I still am waiting for it.
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Well, the one before that took them four months if it makes you feel better.
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I received my first Jantzen shirt two days ago.  I had placed the order on Feb. 2, so it was about a two month turnaround.  Of course, the Chinese New Year was a factor in there, when the shop was closed for a week or two. I haven't worn it yet, but on initial impressions I'm very pleased.  I think they got the fit just about dead on.  Much better than any RTW I currently have. Checkers #422 with a spread collar and double-button barrel cuffs.  Looks nice.
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