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Originally Posted by Dewey View Post
You should post a picture of your french blue eyes.

Sorry, I'm not that easy.
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I own BB's end-on-end button-down in french blue. The texture of the shirt and the contrast of the light buttons make for a nice casual shirt with a heavier jacket (corduroy or tweed). This combination looks good with a navy emblematic or red/green/navy repp stripe tie.,0&iccEmbed=1 Disclaimer: In the 90s I used to wear fr. blue shirt with khakis, square toe black rubber soled shoes and a solid gold/yellow tie.
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Originally Posted by gdl203 View Post
Very light to light blue is fine - it's the most versatile and elegant shirt color. Mid to dark blues are a different story altogether


Spot on.

The Italians have it right - light colours are the most elegant. I find that the with most coloured shirts, if its light it works with more. Herringbone had a light orange micro check fabric that PhatGuido wore that people loved. When I have seen pink / purple / red / orange / green / yellow shirts, its always the lighter colours that look the most elegant.

I prefer the british style of shirt > tie, rather than shirt < tie.

I find I prefer plain coloured ties in a variety of textures and patterened shirts, rather than the opposite of patterned ties and plain shirts. I have found I do like some british rep ties and small pattarned ties ie basket weaves and micro checks / dots.

For core suit colours, navy, grey and charcoal all work well with light blue.

For me, my complexion also loves light blue. Dark hair, lightly tanned skin and light blue eyes works very well with very light to light medium blue.

Flusser agree's.
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Any of your basic solid colors white, lt blue french blue and ecru are fashion main stays like the classic navy suit and solid red tie are items that will always remain in style as it has right so done for several yeras now and will continue as time goes on.
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Originally Posted by gdl203 View Post
I personally dislike that color but seem to be in a minority here. Carry on

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Originally Posted by SkinnyGoomba View Post
i think the mid-blues look great with a light suit color, such as tan khaki or a light grey.
This. (Beware the moose knuckle.)
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I often wear French Blue; in fact I had one on yesterday under a dark grey glenplaid suit.
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I was going to post (almost) the same thing... I find that for a more casual, and generally summer look, that look is good. I wouldn't wear such a dark blue shirt profesionally though. either lighter blue, patterns, or bengal stripe/ contrast collar etc.
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So, does FB with a contrast collar count as one or two colors?
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I used to wear french blue a few years back all the time. I think now it looks best with a sport coat vs. a suit. It's just too casual a color for my tastes.
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1996 called, it wants its shirt back...

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Originally Posted by mkarim View Post
I LOVE French blue color on shirts. Very classy and timeless. Can't go wrong. Try with a yellow tie.
I've been rocking that look for years now.
Originally Posted by Bradford View Post
1996 called, it wants its shirt back...
So does the prom.
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I enjoyed the pictures especially a picture of Regis Philbin. I got a french blue Enro shirt for Christmas!
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In my office there's always someonewearing french blue with yellow ties. I can't help thinking it looks awful but apparently I'm in the minority.

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I like it with tan or other light colored jackets/trousers. But it's not a very versatile color to work with.

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