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new Clinique skin-care products

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check out Some of the new products look like they might be cool. They certainly can't be much worse than Clinique's awful bar cleanser and "scruffing lotion." I just wish that the site would tell us what the ingredients are. Under sun-care there is a new sunscreen in gel form which might be pretty cool, assuming that it isn't full of alcohol.
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For some reason Clinique seems hesitant to divulge their ingredients. I think it is a bad idea to use personal care products that do not disclose their ingredients. I used one of their cleanser bars a while back. Big mistake. Terrible stuff.
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i tried their face scrub once, and liked it, but i've never used anything else from them.
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I've used the "awful" 3-step system for a while, including until recently the bar cleanser and M-Lotion. These have been replaced recently by a liquid face cleanser and an M-Gel Lotion. I've had very good luck with this stuff. When I use it consistently my skin looks wonderful. Unfortunately, I don't always take the time to go through all of the steps. I really like the new stuff. The liquid face cleanser will be much easier to travel with than the bar cleanser.
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Has anyone tried the proactive products?
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i haven't used the pro-activ but i've seen the stuff at a lot of people's houses so it must have some good word of mouth.
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