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Ballin pants

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At one of the Cabazon outlet stores, and also at a Nordstrom's Rack in San Diego, I found many pairs of 100% wool pants by Ballin, a Canadian make with which I'm not familiar. I bought one pair, for $99.90, because they were flat front, lined to the knee, fit me very well, and I liked the fabric and drape. Does anyone have experience with their construction, durability, etc. (searching gives only a few posts from some time ago).
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I have one pair (I think made of a synthetic material). I really like the color and fit, and they've held up really well (I've had them for four or five years). Jeff
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I'm wearing a pair of from Sierra Trading Post http://www.sierratradingpost.com/xq....uct.htm covert twill. Pleated however. Love them. Been my work-horse pants for well over a year. In fact today I tripped and fell on the left knee, skinning my knee, but the material is not damaged. STP will have them for about $48 at times.
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A haberdasher tried to sell me a pair and kept raving about the fact they were 'microfibre' which turned out to be polyester, of course. They seemed ok but I didn't buy.
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i bought a pair of grey ones about 6 years ago and still wear them.
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i have no personal experience, just wanted to let Ballin fans know that they are easily attainable discounted at Off 5th.
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Ballin are a decent pants. Stay away from the microfibers though as i don't think they are of the save quality of the comfor eze S 120's. The are equivelent to Riviera's. We sell them where i work and are easily found at discount as mentioned in previous threads.
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Usually when I'm ballin' I wear short pants.
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